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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Price Of FREE ©

FREE. You gotta love that word. Lets all say it again .FREEEEEEEEEEE. The question is how much does it cost?
My brother the other day gave me his Logitech wireless headset. He said they work great, and they’re FREE. That word again. I spend hours with the Sara talking on Yahoo and the idea that I can be cooking and talking sounded great, beats having a backpack with the laptop in it. Not to mention cyber sex would be much better without getting strangled in bed by the cord why spinning like a gator in the water.
All I have to do is charge the battery, so for 14 hours that’s what I did and in the morning I get up and run to the unit plug it in and the green light goes on and VOILA. Dead as a door nail. 2 seconds it worked for. So now what? Well the rechargeable battery must be dead. So off to the store I go. 14 blocks and $21.later and I’m home with the battery. Put it in and wait for it to recharge.6 hours later I grab the unit and the green light blinks at me and off it goes.
Now, once the package has been open so no return is possible. So I go to my brother and I say it’s not working he says oh well. What do you want it’s FREE .That word again?


Wireless headset for sale not for FREE. No guarantee


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