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Monday, June 13, 2005

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Guess what? All you people out there who are not rich are NOTHING.
Yes NOTHING, garbage useless dregs of society. You are nothing but a of bunch slaves to be used to build pyramids for the rich.
We apparently make up myths to justify our poverty.
This POMPOUS LITTLE FUCK, (who deleted my comment, because I called him a pompous ass) says and I quote him in his own words (all in red):

'The want of more money can lead to no mental peace'. That is the biggest urban myth of all time. I dont believe how it has lasted so long! The statement I am speaking about has been coined by the poor and middle class (henceforth reffered to as poor) who secretly want to live a rich and famous lifestyle but just cant and so just come up with a baloni 'fox and the sour grapes story'.

This greedy little shit who is 22 and has no children, gauges success according to money. FUCK family, and all the struggles that go into raising one. FUCK all the people who struggled to make the country he lives in and is getting an education in, what it is today. TO HELL with all the soldiers who died during the wars in the name of FREEDOM.
The only success in his mind goes to the people that became rich for making weapons. You know, the ones that had the money and the power to keep their sons home?

'any thing that ur inner heart feels as succes and u achieve it is the REAL ONE'. Ok, let me take this one. Well, there is an 80-20 rule in todays society. 80% of the worlds wealth will be concentrated in 20% of the worlds people. So this means that 80% of the worlds people will not be having a lot of money. So, to cover up for that they got together and said, hey lets decide that money should not be an indicator to success, and it should be left to ourselves to decide whether we are successful or not. And since 80% of the worlds people decided that, its a more popular ideal! Again, pure Baloni!

Who the fuck said you need to have a shit load of money to be successful?
It wasn’t Bill Gates, who is the worlds biggest Philanthropist.
I see more happy poor people in the world than rich people.
All I see is the rich hiding behind their 20 foot gates and the army of security guards.
I see people who have just enough money to get by and go out and help others in need.
So if you are poor and can help the needy, are you not successful? Doesn’t the fact that you have more than enough for you to be content with a success story? Not for this whelp.
The goal of my parents was to leave a war torn country and raise a family in a new country.
They worked hard in a place where they didn’t know the language. The worked fore 7 dollars a week and the rent was 40 a month, but they did it, by working 16 hours a day. They raised two boys, bought 2 houses that are paid for and have a 500 acre farm and 7 lots in Europe, paid for as well. They also helped family overseas financially.
I’ll be ass fucked if I’m going to let this fucker demean their struggle and SUCCESS.

'can u consider urself successful if u r not able to contribute something valuable to society'. Well as I said before, what will you contribute to society when you are broke yourself? A check of happiness? Now I am sure that some idealist will come forward and say, well we can volunteer our services and impart education to the poor people. Yeah rite! like any of us have done that for a continous month! If you want to feed a thousand people a day, I respect you and I salute you. But to do that my friend, you need money...lots of money!

So working is not a valuable contribution to society. If the poor would not work, what would the rich have?
Nada, nothing, squat.
So, to this person we have no value whatsoever. They might as well flush us down the toilet.

A lot of my friends here in the US are here on student loans, and a lot of my relatives have thousands of dollars of car loans, house loans and what not!

I guess you come from a long line of useless unsuccessful losers. Walking around with their heads bent in shame. Now they are my kind of people. Hard working and reliable, there is success, they are still struggling to prove themselves and I bet they are laughing, smiling and happy.
What the fuck happened to you? I guess every family has a pompous asshole EH. Censor that.

'success is what u feel inside'. Another of the very popular urban myths made by poor people, for poor people! Just a very gross justification of their lack of wealth.

The only gross thing here is your thinking. You are one of those people who would never help a soul unless it profited you
But I bet if you were needing you’d be shoving people aside and begging for help.
For all you Poor People and Middle Class people, Cheers on your success, and Fuck what the little bourgeois prick says.
We need a good old fashion French Revolution.

These are my opinions and the Pompous Asses

BTW The only sour grapes here are the ones where you have to pay back your student loan.


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