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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cell Phone ©

Here is a couple of posts I wrote awhile ago to keep you busy until I finish the double tag I just got.


Today I was lying in bed sleeping with my sweet heart. Sara was right there in bed with me nice warm and soft to my touch. I can smell her hair as it lay across my face. My hand around her I can feel her soft bre….. RING RING RING, FUCK FUCK FUCK. The phone rang. I chuck the pillow away and answer it. It’s my mother. She wants to know if we are going to go out to get her new cell phone today. I said yes we are and hang up. She calls just when I was going to get a mouthful of pillow shit, there goes that dream. What? Haven’t you been reading? The girlfriend's in New Zealand, pillow is what I get for another 8 months.
Anyway up I get, wash, brush my teeth, water pik to I love my water pik, screw the shave and off I go. All the way to mom’s house. Open the front door and go next door. Ok say I lets go get your phone.
I pay for my mother’s cell phone. I got it for her for emergencies. She has had it now for a year now at a cost of 300 dollars a year and she has made 12 phone calls .Not to mention when I needed my parents and called them she had it in her purse, turned off.
My mother has little understanding of the cell phone she told me once she called me and my sister in law answered at her place so the phone is defective because it doesn’t call the right person. Imagine stupid phone. They should have a recall. I had already been there once this week and they couldn’t help me so I came home and called customer service and they set it up so I won’t have a problem when I returned for a phone.
You may be asking yourself if she had a cell phone why does she need a new one. Well my mother it seems likes dialing with her nails which by the way are as hard as steel from the years of honing them down and painting them and has destroyed the numbers pad. Thank god the phone was defective anyway.
So we go into the store and she picks out her phone. State of the art phone with camera email surf the net and ring tones galore. Off to the desk we go. Here comes the clerk big smile on her face. We do the paperwork, I felt like I should have walked out with a car considering the amount of paper I had to fill and then we are done. Ok she says what phone do you want? That one says I. She looks over and then says sorry we are out of stock you’ll have to come Tuesday. Oh god the goes another pillow session. Off we went home. On the way back mom says, it looked like a nice phone I hope it works better than the last one and calls the people I dial. I say yup I hope so too.


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