blue moon (2)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lurkers ©

11:30 pm

Hey John how long are we going to stay in the library?
Only until Walker puts up his post then we can go.
When does he post?
At midnight EST.
WHAT!!!!! The library closes at midnight.
Yeah, yeah I know so be quiet. We’ll leave after they close through the emergency door.
Why don’t you read his post at home?
I want to be the first lurker, and someone will beat me if I leave now to go home.
How will he know for fucks sake, you never comment anyway.
Walker knows, he always does. He followed me back to my blog once and I don’t know how he did it.
Really, shit then he knows me too. Do you think he can find out where we live?
OMG I never thought of that.....
John can you wake me up when your ready to go?
Yeah sure.


11:40 pm

Are you coming to bed Lucy?
Soon Frank, right after Walker does his post for tonight.
What do you mean, after Walker posts? Why do I have to wait for Walker to post every night?
Walker only posts at midnight and I haven’t missed being first yet. Even though I don’t comment I like being first.
You can look at what he wrote in the morning.
NO I want to be first, and beat the Duck lady, she usually post a comment first.
Ohhh Luuucy, I have something hard in my hand for you.
FRANK you better not be playing with my vibrator again.
I think you love this vibrator more than me. What’s so special about it anyway?
Well for starters it doesn’t snore and I could put it in the drawer, now SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!
What did you say!?
Nothing dear.


11:50 pm

Mom what are you doing?
I’m just sitting here waiting for Walker to post so I can read it and go to bed. I’m getting tired.
Who is Walker mom?
He’s just someone I read and don’t comment.
Why don’t you comment mom?
Well usually everyone says what I want to say, so whats the use of repeating what everyone says.
Do you comment if you’re first?
No I don’t.
Why not?
Because people will only say what I say anyway, so why bother.
Candice can you go check on baby Jane please? She may need to be fed.
Hi baby Jane, your awake I see.
WoW you stink. I better change your diaper.
Mom baby Jane is awake.
Woooo hooooo, that's a load.
Mooom, baby Jane is awake.
There you go, nice and clean.
Lets go see mom baby Jane.
Hey don’t grab my shirt.
Mom I think the baby is hungry.
Let go of my shirt Jane.
No don’t grab there, it’s no polite.
Stop that !!!!!!!!!
Hey Leave me alone.
No stop. OMG!!!!!!!!


12:00 am

Sorry folks I having nothing to write today, I'll catch you all tomorrow.

Have a nice day.


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