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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Hole In The Head Gang ©


This is the story of one of the most ruthless gangs in Canadian history.
They terrorized every corner store from Bank St. to Bronson Ave.
Not a single freezee was safe from this deadly duo.
Bags of chips were herded off for the slaughter.
Sticky finger and foot prints could be found on door jambs and leaving every Slush Puppy stand within a 10 block radius.
Their picture could be seen in every Dairy Queen in town, posted right next to the ice cream freezer.
Gumball and toy machines were emptied leaving a trail of discarded plastic bubble containers.
Beware of these two, particularly the short one.
She possesses a shrieking voice that shatters glass and explodes ear drums, leaving clerks writhing on the ground, begging for mercy and passing over bags of Skittles, M&M’s and Gummy Bears.
There is no saving you.
If they come into your store, we advise you to hand over the candy and DON’T, I repeat DON’T, look the little one in the eyes, because if she sees fear, then you are done for and your supply of Twisters, will be compromised.
They were last seen at Harry’s corner store after a raid, which netted them a hefty supply of Tostitos Chips and mild salsa.
It doesn’t look like the big one can handle the medium salsa.
They had disappeared for awhile after October 31. It was believed that the Halloween attacks on the unsuspecting home owners had yielded a large haul, thus keeping them indoors for a time; but booty doesn’t last long and it appears that they didn’t manage themselves properly and are now on the prowl for more.
They can be easily identified by their red lips and blue tongues.
If you see these two, do not approach them, just go to the nearest phone to you and call: 613 DENTIST remember 613 336-8478.
Long distance charges may apply.

This picture was taken 5 years ago with me and my youngest daughter.
Yes that is my real hair if you want to know.
No it is not there anymore.
Neither is the facial bush, and I'm forty pounds lighter, 100 if you include those clothes I was wearing
It was fun taking this picture, but what some of you may not know is that the clothes, we are wearing are on top of the clothes, we had been wearing, which made for a really hot afternoon. It took awhile to take the picture too, because they don't want you smiling.
In this period of time they wanted people to look serious and mean.
The problem was, we were cracking jokes just before the shot and started laughing and that's a no no.
Must look mean.
Then there were the questions?
Dad, why are you the cowboy and why am I the girl with the funny underwear?(bloomers)
Ummm because they didn't have funny underwear in Dad's size.
Dad, why is your gun bigger than my gun?
Ummm because I needed the belt to hold my pants up.
For god sakes Tina, just give me a break so they can take this picture
Ok Dad.
Now what did you want to say?
I just wanted to tell you your zipper was down.
Shit,Shit,Shit........... Ummm can we get another one Please.

Have you ever had the opportunity to dress up in period clothes?


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