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Sunday, June 19, 2005

From Me To You ©

First off I would like to thank everyone who commented on my Fathers Day post and for commenting on any of my sputtering.
It’s always nice to know someone is reading.
For those of you who read and don’t comment, I thank you also.
I would also like thank those of you, who have populated my guest map.
I was looking at the map today and noticed how close we are and how we have bridged the world. We have all reached out and joined hands via the mouse and modem with someone else across the world and what a motley crew we are ‘O’ people of Earth.

It’s not an easy task for many of us, to show others parts of our lives.
I personally had problems in the beginning talking about certain issues and how people would view them. I still do, to some extent.
Then I decided, fuck it, I did it, it was in the past and I have no regrets. There is no way to sugar coat life. It’s either sweet or sour or maybe sweet and sour.
I sleep at night with a clear conscience, 7 pillows, 2 sheets and my cat who takes up way too much room.
Today I will introduce you to my kids, and finish off with a phone call, I received from my cousin. The music you are listening to is by Carlos Santana and some of his friends and family. I will be doing my best to change the songs all day, every hour or so, for you to enjoy. Just remembr I do sleep too.
Just so I don’t forget, I want to wish all the fathers a Happy Fathers Day, and for those men out there who are not fathers yet. You’re in for a treat.
For as long as I can remember, there has been a Mothers Day and a Fathers Day. Even though I think they are very important days, I wish there was a day just for family, a Family Day, after all, it’s all about Family is it not?

I have two daughters, one (A) turns 17 in March and the youngest (T) will be 14 in November. The pictures you are looking at are 8 years old.

A is the brains. She is book smart, she likes to read and play games that don’t involve dolls or crawling on the floor.
She would come to her mother with a question and I could hear her say go ask your father.
She would come up with some whoppers.
Dad why doesn’t the sky fall?
Damn why didn’t she ask how babies are made. Well dear, sometimes it does when it rains, I say.
She is a grade ‘A’ student and freaks if the grade is lower. There is no gym class for this little girl. She trips while she walks, usually because she has her nose in a book.


T on the other hand, is a total flip of the coin. She hates school and is usually bored and passed out at her desk. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find a boy laying on the ground and her sitting on his chest telling him not to bug her again. She is sneaky and knows how to crank up the charm to get what she wants.
When she is around it's not uncommon to find people bug eyed, and walking around mumbling, must get this for T.
She is naturally smart. If she sees how to do something once, she never forgets and she has a stubborn streak; if she has a problem with something ,she will attack it until it’s solved. You can see her sly sneaky look in her eyes.


So, on this Fathers Day I will be thinking of my girls.

Last night I was sitting here talking to Sara and he phone rang.
It was my cousin from Toronto. He is also my best friend.
Hey man how's it going?
He used to run with the pack like me.
He is now a millwright making heaps of money. I’m proud of him for what he has accomplished.
He has been trying to get me down there for years.
Ok bud he says, you’re coming down now and you won’t say NO. I got tickets to Santana. I’m paying for the train and all your expenses.
When is it?
Next Saturday.
FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKK, I have the family BBQ and you're suppose to come. Your sister and brother will be here. Obviously you’re not coming.
Cancel it.
I can’t there are too many and I have already bought everything.
Tell them you got Kidnapped.
It won’t work, they’ll ask how I got the phone to call them and cancel.
Too bad man, Phil is coming we could have had a blast.
Thanks for thinking of me. Hey get me a T-Shirt.
Done, and you know what? Stay by the phone and I’ll call you so you can listen to a couple of songs.
Cool, goodbye.
Friends smile



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