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Saturday, June 18, 2005

BBQ And Beyond ©

Shopping, I hate it. I know there is a woman joke here but I’m not stupid and I’m not saying anything. Any how I got a BBQ for next week and I have to get a lot of stuff together. I am one of those people that don’t leave things to the last minute. That way if I forget something, I can get it easier before the last minute. There are 2 ways of going shopping.
One way is to go alone and take your time looking for everything you want. Then you can also stop at all those stands they have and try all the junk food samples that they try to hook you on,(junk food dealers) thus taking care of dinner too.
Or you can take an army of friends and get done faster, so you can come home and just kick back and party.
So I call in the troops and tell them the game plan.
We all hop into the van and take off to Safeway for some supplies.
Once we get there we park and secure the perimeter.


Once we got into the store I gave everyone their orders and we headed off to get what we needed.
I headed off to the fruits and vegetable section.
I needed some fruit for a fresh fruit salad.
Sara’s got this great recipe she says, so I want to try it out.
I have apples, grapefruit, grapes, pineapple, a star fruit, I need some oranges too. Ah these look good.
Hey get that out of here.
Fruits now, vegetables later.


Ok since you want something to do, put the celery in the cart and go get me a deep pan.
I also want to make a galaktobouriko.
It’s a Greek pastry, which is made of milk, philo pastry, some spices and after it is cooked a heavy syrup is poured over it, to soak in.
Yeah it should be down that isle.
NO NO you idiot I said a deep pan, not Depend.


I wonder how those other guys are going. It’s getting late and I brought them along so I would be out of here earlier but no, it’s taking longer.

Hey what kind of beer did he say he wants?
I don’t know, the wet kind I guess.
Who cares as long as we get a buzz?
How about this stuff, it's cold, we could have a couple as soon as we get back.
I thought they were for next week.
That’s right, Hmmmm lets grab extra, he won’t notice. I’ll take these.


Ok, everyone to the cash.
I hope I got everything, this is the first time I am cooking for the whole family at my place and some of them are picky.
The cousins were complaining that we don’t see each other anymore and 2 who grew up together didn’t recognize each other.
So they all agreed I had to have a BBQ and invite them.
Come on you guys get it all up here.
So now I’m stuck with this to do, at my expense.
Hey why is it so expensive? I figured it would be cheaper.


How much beer did you get?
We got what you asked for.

Oh Yeah!!!!! I have a guest map in my side bar I'd like if some of you help me populate it.


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