blue moon (2)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Done ©

I am done.
I have done my shopping and done all but wash the floor in the kitchen as far as cleaning goes.
My mother finally got pissed off and called my sister in law who dropping off the kid at 8 am and said she would be back in 1 hour. At 8 pm my mother said that’s it.
She is now at home doing something for me in and on her new stove.
Yes people you heard correctly.
HER NEW STOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About fucken time too.
Not the part of her doing something for me but it’s been 2 weeks since their old stove died and they bought the new one. The first one they delivered was broken and they needed a week to get another one to her.
They showed up with it today and one of the delivery guys grabbed the plug to unplug it and he jump up screaming “I got zapped, I’m not touching that again.”
Then he says “that’s why the other stove did not work, because your plug is broken and shorted it.”
Well his partner was standing there red faced and trying to get him to shut up but Tom, kept ranting.
I know his name was Tom because his partner was saying”Tom, hold on. Tom wait.”
What Tom didn’t know was that I sent my father to the basement to shut off the breaker, against the objections of Tom’s partner.
Do you guys smell a rat any where here?
Do you think they were trying to make it look like; we were responsible for the other new stove breaking and fleecing us for the delivery and repairs.
Hmmmm, food for thought.
I am making the tsatsiki sauce right now and hopefully I’ll be done early, with enough time to wash the floor. Then I could sit back and talk to Sara.
I better take a shower first before I scare her away.
It’s been along 2 weeks.
All I have to do tomorrow is put the cats in the basement and get ready for the crew to come.
My mother asked me if I had enough beer today. I said I was throwing a case of 24 in the ice cooler. She then said but you have 2 cases.
Yeah I do but I’m not gonna feed their habits.
I have 2 cousins that drink beer by how many bottles per hour instead of a bottle per hour. They don’t care whose beer it is and or if anyone else gets any. So screw that I am keeping my eyes on them.
I have another BBQ I’m throwing in about a month for another group of people. That should be bigger. To bad you lot couldn’t be here, it would have been more fun. We could all have blogged about it the next day.
I don’t know if I will post tomorrow, I will try but if I don’t I wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Cheers, or as they say in Greek SI YIAN!!!!!!!!


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