blue moon (2)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mission Accomplished ©

Hello everyone.
What a day, hot as hell and it also poured at one point, like I should have built and Arc instead of having a Bbq. I won’t write about it now. It was a long day and I have heaps to write. I will say it was a blast hanging out with people that were there when I was growing up. There were cousins that had not been together for years and their kids. It looks like I have started something, that will go on. I ‘m happy for this; if anything it will bridge lost friendships and keep a family together.
I will give the whole thing to you in three stages like my menu. There will be the appetizer, the main course and the dessert.
I will tell you about how the bbq went and how everyone enjoyed themselves and the stories of things past and present.
For now I will go out there and visit your blogs, because I have neglected my friends in the last couple of days and will begin telling you starting tomorrow.
I finally got my music up and working again.
So enjoy the song and here I come.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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