blue moon (2)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Die Frog Die !!!!!!!!!!!!! ©

Ok I’ve had enough of the fucken frog……………………
You know which one I mean?
The ring tone Frog...
For 2 weeks I was talking on the headset to Sara and every now and again I would hear this weird noise. I couldn’t figure out what that hideous sound was.
I though a virus had infected my P.C. and was bent on driving me insane.
I was asking Sara,”do you hear that”, in the beginning she said no, but as time went on she heard it through my headset too.
So I wasn’t going nuts.
Then I learned it was a ring tone and it was the one that was above the page in my backgammon room. Which explained why I heard it so much? Every time the curser went over it, it would play that annoying noise.
I can’t get away from it. It’s even on the top my P.C. screen and it keeps going off by itself.
Who came up with this pestering little fucken marvel, that has all the parents in the world rallying beside each other in a show of insane unity.
I am waiting for World Peace to quickly be declared, so that a new war on the Frog can commence.
I am sure, that at any moment the United Nation will call for an emergency session to deal with this Fucken Frog invasion.
They should take the inventor of this and duct tape him/her to a chair and force them to listen to it repeatedly, until their eyes glaze over.

IT HAS TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How to kill it?
How would I like to kill it?

I WANT to kill it.

I could throw him in a blender.

Or put him in a microwave, then the whole thing would go boom.
Ewww. Changed my mind too much of a mess to clean.

I could knock it out with a shoe, staple it's mouth shut, take him and drop it off the Parliament building.(throws pennies down at the same spot after it, maybe a couple of loonies to be sure)

I’d mail it to the North Pole and leave him there to freeze its chin off.

Throw him down a cliff and watch it bounce off every rock and then go splat on the street below and a Semi run over it.

Throw him into the sea so that sharks can eat him, a small shark with a very small mouth so it would take a while.

I'd kick it in its big chin like a soccor ball.

Tie it to a railway line and wait for the train.

I'd pour gas on him. And throw matches at it.

Superglue its mouth shut, duck tape him to the wall and throws darts at him.

Send him to a French restaurant in France.

Superglue its ass shut and feed it lots of food until it exploded into small piles of shit.

Have you heard the FROG and what do you think of it?
If you feel like I do, how would YOU like to kill it?

Thanks to Fizzy we have a view of our goal.
Donated by Fizzy.


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