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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

5 Things I Miss About My Childhood. ©

Weary Hag of the Cerebral Outpost and Jo from Chez le laquet both tagged me to do the 5 things that you miss from your childhood.

1. I miss my friends more than anything.
I remember every Saturday I would run outside to find them and we would try and figure out what we could play with the number of kids that were there. There could have been any wear from 10 to 60 kids. We would play some wild stuff.
I remember playing Cowboys and Indians. We all had water guns and were supposed to hide and shoot each other, but during the summer, this wasn’t that fun because it was so hot and everyone wanted to get shot and soaked.
So we adjusted the rules and we became some of the best camouflage experts you ever saw. Yup with one little adjustment to the rules and no one wanted to get shot and soaked. We replaced the water in the guns with piss.
We would play for hours without anyone getting shot or should I say peed on.
We used to play street hockey from the afternoon until dinner time and then after when it got dark it was hide and seek.
I don’t see many of them as much today. Most have moved out of the neighborhood and some have rode off into the sunset.

2. I miss knowing nothing. I always loved seeing something for the first time, like the first time I went to the circus and saw Elephants, Tigers, and Lions. I was scared that a cat could be so big. The opportunity to touch and Elephant was something I still remember.
The trapeze artists would fling them selves through the air and I would hold my breath as they sailed towards the out stretched hands of his partner. I’d sit there wondering if he would catch him or would he plummet to his death on the ground. Not to mention the scantly clad beautiful women, who were always there prancing around.

3. I miss going to the movies. It was a different experience back then. Today the seats are small or my seat is big, lets go with the seats are small. The theater used to show 3 movies for 50 cents and you didn’t have to leave you could stay and watch them all over again for the same admission that you paid. It was never more than 1/3 full so we sat anywhere we wanted and talked without being shhhhhhhhhhushed. Popcorn a drink and a hotdog were $1 and the people that worked there knew your name because we went every Sunday.

4. I miss going to school. Not that I’m going to head off back now, but I miss getting assignments and homework because I liked learning about what I didn’t know or understand.
I loved playing sports and was part of the soccer, basketball, and hockey teams.
I remember once, where I was thrown from the basketball game for being bottomless. It wasn’t like it was my fault. Well maybe a little. I went up for a jump shot and the opposing player missed the ball and pulled down my shorts by mistake. I wasn’t wearing any under wearing at the time.
So here I was with my pants down and embarrassed. Everyone was shouting from the stands. I’m thinking what should I do now? If I quickly grab them and pull them up fast, my embarrassment would show.
So I turn to the stands and take a bow. That’s what I was thrown out for.
I loved the adrenaline rush and the glory of winning with a group of friends, and when we lost it was still glorious because I was with a group of guys that were there for you no matter what win or loose. I miss that closeness a team has.

5. These were very hard for me to write because for those of you, who have been reading my blog, know that I had an early start to my adulthood.
So what I miss the most is a childhood.
My parents worked all the time and on the weekends and I was left to fend for myself. My brother was being babysat by an elderly couple.
I never got to go on those holidays my friends would talk about in school or have the cool toys that their parents got them. My father never took me to the movies or the park. He never played catch or has ever seen me play any sport. My mother tried once but almost got killed by a puck.
My friends joined house leagues for hockey and baseball but I had to work. When the baseball scout went to my parents and told them I should be playing organized baseball, they told him there was no money in it and was a waste.

NOW ......

The real five things I miss about my childhood.

1. I miss wearing diapers.
Remember that?
Yup, you could play and run a round having uninterrupted fun.
You could drink all you want, eat all you want and not have to stop and go for a pee or a poop (have to use baby terms). Then there is the safety factor. With a full diaper there is little chance of getting hurt when you fall down. With all the padding, it’s like a built in airbag.
Back then, diapers where different too, they came fully armed with folding huge diaper pins that could be taken off at any moment and used to fend off an intruding brother. Mind you taking both off at once will only leave you a bottomless mess and heading to the tub.

2. I miss Maria, only because I could see her undress at night before bed time, and before you lot start flapping your jaws. I would like to say her curtains were closed until she was going to bed then she opened them and undressed.

3. I miss the smell of napalm in the morning. Ok not really, I have never smelled it but I always wanted to say that line, but I understand with the right chili recipe you can come pretty close.

4. I miss my rubber ducky that took me 5 years to finally chew the head off.
I have to add, it was at the cost of my 2 front teeth.

5. I miss being an only child, mainly because every time my brother messed up I got the blame for it. The little fucker. Except for breaking the channel dial, I did that and blamed it on him.

I will tag no one again and spare you all.

Weary Hag wanted me to do a link thing but I have not, but I do like the concept.
What I will do is ask everyone out there to pick one day of the week and link someone new, who you don’t normally read. This will give you something fresh on your reading list and open a bridge to a whole new blogging world for someone and us to walk through and meet. There are a lot of good bloggers out there writing with no one to read them so lets go say hello.

Well Carol and Jo, this is the best I could do for now, until I get Alzheimer’s and revert back to a childhood stage.

Have a nice day.


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