blue moon (2)

Monday, May 16, 2005

The People We Meet ©

Through out our lives we meet many people. Some affect our lives some just pass through. Some are famous some are infamous; some are men some are women. Others we see everyday and others we never see again. Here are some of mine.

My Mother, Diamond
My Father, John
My Daughter, Alex
My Daughter, Tina
My Girlfriend, Sara
Pierre Elliott, Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
Fidel Castro, I don’t care for his politics, but the man has stones.
Queen of England I was 7
Tina Turner
John Diefenbaker Prime Minister of Canada
My Grand Father He was 105 when he died
Joe Clarke, Prime Minister of Canada, His Wife The bitch
Ronald Reagan
Drew Barrymore
Tom Green, wish I didn’t
Paul Anka
Rich Little
Pierce Brosnan
Dan Ackroyd
Kurt Russell, We sat next to each other for 2 baseball games, shooting the shit.
Marian Faithful, I wish I didn’t
B.B. King.
The Harlem Globe Trotters. They got out of the bus and bounced balls all around and over my car. LoL
Terry Fox, A true warrior.
Wayne Gretzky
There are more but I can’t remember them all, and some I’m trying to forget.

The 10 people I wish I met.

Mother Teresa
Martin Luther King
Louis Armstrong
John Wayne
Abraham Lincoln
Gene Roddenberry
Jimmy Stewart
Queen Victoria

The 10 people/peoples I want to meet and smack

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler .I want to smack him twice
Charles Manson
Paul Bernardo
Joseph Stalin
Josef Mengele
Pol Pot
Francois Duvalier aka Papa Doc
Jean Claude Duvalier aka Baby Doc Proves the apple doesn’t fall that far away from the tree sometimes
Every scientist involved in the development of weapons of mass destruction (I may need help smacking this lot)

Who have you met?
Who would you of like to meet?
Who would you like to smack? And you can’t say a family member, my brother would be up there 10 times.


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