blue moon (2)

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

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I am lying here in bed with one eyed Becky, stupid ISP went down and that means no backgammon or blogging. This doesn’t count I’m just thinking and your reading my mind.
Damn thing went down as I was winning a partners tournament too, shit. Partner is gonna be peeved.
I called them up at 2:30 am and they said they’ll get back to me in 3 days. THREE DAYS!!!!!
Yeah like I’m going to let that happen, I could audio blog, but naw, it wouldn’t be the same. I swear more here. Now that I think about it I should have said THREE FUCKEN DAYS!!!!!! , but no bother, I’ll remember for next time.
You see if I was to audio blog it would go something like this:

Hi all, it’s nice to be talking to you with my own voice.
Hi Mrhaney, how are you, I like hearing your voice the other day.
Hi Fizzy, I really like what you’ve done with your blog. Ducks, Ducks, Ducks .
Hi Katya, I read back into you’re blog and enjoyed it; I also left you a comment.
Hi Denny, I really enjoy reading you, you make me think.
Hi Carol, I’m still in awe about your description of your day in New York, I like where you work now too.
Hi June, Take some time off, your boss is a slave driver.
Hi Db, I was happy you had a great time with your brother. Can I send you my brother, for some lessons on being a brother.
Hi TG, I like reading you blog because you speak your mind, confuse me sometimes and going in every direction, but its ok I’m usually confused.
Hi Stacy, if they come for your dogs I’ll petition Canada to annex Florida, we own a chunk of it already, and Pit bulls are allowed.
Hi Lisa, you STINKER!!!!!!!
Hi Bella, Say Hi to Nick for me.
Hi Kristen, Your nuts plain and simple, But the kind of nut I like.
Hi Brian, I hope your happy with what ever you decide, either moving or staying where you are.
Hi Sha, Mondays are inevitable, but so are Fridays.
Hi Chaotic, I have a 1986 Suzuki Sidekick with at least 50 miles left on it if you’d like.
Hi Maria, We Aries have to stick together.
Hi Jo, Hey everyone Jo just got married, go throw confetti for her to sweep up.
Hi mrgonsings, we have to find you something to do, Blue Berries dude, BTW I had some BB pie and thought of you.
Hi Carol, I love Carol’s fantasy place where fat is invisible and you can eat all you want and what you want and no one sees’ it. Weight Watchers you’re through!!!!!! But I still need some explanation on the naked part.
Hi Sarah and Tony, I have never been married so I’m taking notes.
Hi Greek Princess, I scoot over there regularly, to catch up on some tunes and celebrity happenings.
Hi HnB2, I enjoy reading your posts, I like the one about the coyote the most
Hi Jenny, Kali Mera .
Hi Samantha, I would have found a way to make my boss pay for making me wait, but now that I think about how you screwed him up the week before, you should be even. Lol
Hi Jennifer, I can’t wait for you to get back and give us some more of NY.
Hi Patticake, I couldn't find a link to your blog, but I like reading your comments on here and Denny's blog. See you speak up and I fix.
Hi Sara, My sweet I can’t wait to get there and……..
Woooooooo Hoooooooo my ISP is back up.
Now I hope I got everyone. If I missed you, COMPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now this, is what I would have said in an audio blog, but since this is not an audio blog, the best I can do is :

''Hi Every One, Have A Nice Day''


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