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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Our Loyal Friends ©

Today’s topic is pets. Visiting Denny’s site today, I managed to get myself worked up into frenzy. That’s 2 days out of three Denny. I may be a radical but I doubt it, I’m passionate in my beliefs and fight hard for what I believe in. For most of us the pets that we have, become our friends.
Denny was forced to get rid of his cat today, because he wasn’t allowed pets, but if he paid a $500 non refundable deposit, he could have kept the cat.
Move over Mafia, the Landlord gang has come up with a new form of extortion. The Landlord gang doesn’t kill you; they just make people and children sad, by forcing the people who can’t afford the deposit to get rid of their friends.
They take away the only friends some seniors(not you Denny) have. I have seen seniors at a seniors home interact with their pets and they look so happy.
What kind of people, take the happiness away from the elderly.
Love and happiness is what keeps many of these people alive and their pets, supply this to an otherwise mundane existence.
The pets in return get the love and affection they crave; it’s a perfect combination that is exploited by some landlords.
Now let’s flip the coin. Yes landlords have the right to protect their property. They should, charge a deposit and inspect their property periodically for damage.
Fuck, people destroy rental units more than pets do. Some places require deposits for kids. Should we license our offspring as well? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
Stacy on the other hand has a different problem. She is in the situation where they are thinking of banning her breed of dog. Pit Bulls have been portrayed as being vicious. (They never met my ex) They are, as are many dogs that are trained to be that way. I have found small dogs bite more frequently than large dogs.
I know people with Pit Bulls and one in particular, it runs up to you and falls at your feet to be petted. It scares the fucken shit out of me, to look at a dog playing dead at my feet, NOT!!!!!!!!
It’s about time we make the owners accountable for their pets, not the pets. It’s bad enough a dog is trained to kill and when something does happen, it’s put down for doing what it was taught to do. It was a GOOD DOG because that’s what the owner told it when he/she taught it to be that aggressive, and then gave it a treat. Well it was a good dog and it did its job. Is that the dog’s fault? I think not. The dog showed it's loyalty to it's master, and pays with it's life. Where is the justice in that. The dog is put down and what does the asshole owner do, he goes out and trains another dog. What the fuck’s with that.
The law makers need to address the real problem, the owners. If a dog is on the street it should be muzzled. If a dog is overly aggressive and attacks people it should be put down. If an owner is criminally responsible for training a dog that hurts or kills people for no fucken reason, then put the bastard in jail and I hope he gets his ass fucked daily.
If you nice people haven’t noticed yet, I’m a pet person and I love animals. This earth is meant for us to share, and to enjoy. The few that exploit it, cause all the problems.
I would like to hear from other pet owners and landlords. Your opinions are welcome and encouraged. It’s the understanding we receive from each other , that enlightens us.
These are just my opinions.

This I dedicate to Sammy, my dog who was loyally, by my side for 19 years, and my 2 cats Emme 16 and Frick 13 .


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