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Monday, May 30, 2005

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I got Double Tagged by Stacy, The Peanut Queen, and Lisa, of Bacon on the Run, to do the Book Meme. Ok lets see what I can do with this.
My original plan, was to describe how every book was put together, the curves of the spine, the color of the covers and how many flies I have swatted with them, but I decided to go with what everyone else did.
A.Total number of books I own:Now that would be a big task, so lets say in one room, I have roughly 700 books. Now that’s just books right, not magazines and comics, oh not to forget the educational material, my playboys. I found them here 'cough''cough' when I moved in so they don’t really count as being mine right, and the other ones just mysteriously appeared in my mailbox.
B. The last book I bought:The last book I bought, was the 15 books I got for five bucks, from the store where the guy went nuts and decided to quit while I was at the cash; but the last book on the pile was The Lion King by Don Ferguson. I bought 7 books to read to my niece, once she gets past the, blllu blllu uh uh oooooeeeeeee stage.
C. The last book I read:I am currently reading the first book of the River World series; To Your Scattered Bodies Go, written by Philip J. Farmer,Hmmmm wait a sec..... ok now its the last book I read. There are eight in total I believe. It’s about people who wake up on another planet after they have died. Everyone who had ever died on Earth is there and everytime someone is killied or dies is reborn at the age of 27. That takes care of the diaper years and saves a ton of money on University fees.
D. Five books that mean a lot to me: Wow, this is a tough one, because I read a lot of different types of books, I have comfort books as I call them, like my Louis L’Amour collection, and I have them all. Then there is my ball breaker reading as I like to call it, like War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, or The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.
1. In no specific order of preference, I’ll start with the Dark Tower books, Three in total. I can’t just say one and I won’t cheat by using them as three separate books. The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands by Stephen King. It is impossible to read The Gunslinger and not want to continue with the next two in the series.
2. The Aeneid by Virgil. The story of the fall of Troy and the wandering of the survivors to the shores of Italy. It is part of my ancestry, well kinda my ancestors were the evictors.
3.The Sackett series of books by Louis L’Amour. There are just too many to write here. 17 in total. This cronicles the ancestry and the lives of a family through generations of peace and war. I could sit here and talk forever on these books. I like how the family sticks together through everything, bad times and good and if one is in trouble, if there is a Sackett anywhere and hears about it they come charging to help. I have been reading them (Loius L’Amour books) for as long as I could remember. I have read all 178 books no less than 10 times each.
4.From Here To Eternity, by James Jones. What can I say, sex , murder, war, deception, it’s like one of my family picnics, got to love it.
5.And last but not least 40 years of PlayBoy by PlayBoy Enterprises, and you know what? There are no articles WooHoo. I looked at ALL the pictures.
All nakedness aside there are some interesting articles in Playboy. They’ve evolved with all of us over the years and have shown interest in many of the things we also do. Many a young woman has used this to start a movie career and many a young man has just plain used it. There are also many interesting facts about the beginnings of Playboy and I believe many people will agree with me, it is a class mag.
E. 2 major books when I was a kid, that I kept on me all the time:Well now as a kid I didn’t read many books. It was mainly comics and National geographics books.
My first look at naked women at age 8 was in a National Geographics book. Didn’t every small kid want a subscription to National Geographics. 'Yeah dad it’s for school'.
Wait every month for the thing to arrive so you can peel through it.
WHAT !!!!!!!! Nothing on Africa this month . PFFFFFTTTTT, chucks it into the corner and waits for next month's issue.
F. 5 People I want to tag: AH HA! This is where I get back at ALL the people that like reading me, HA HA HA HA HA . Will it be my sweet Sara, or the nice mrhaney. There is always Carol from the Purple Hat, or That Girl. Hmmmmmmmm there is Sha as well at Butterfly Wings. Hey that’s five right there, yesssssssss.
You know what I will do?
I will tag NO ONE and end, my end, right here. So we can all just lay back, be casual and
PARTY PARTY PARTY. (_/_) (_\_) (_/_) (_\_) it's booty shaking time.

OK now that you all read that post. My real favorite books are :
The Girl Next Door by Marilyn Chambers;
The Happy Hooker, by Xaviera Hollander;
Desperatly Seeking Seka by Douglas Rushkoff;
Underneath It All, by Tracy Lords;
My Secret Life by James Jennings.

Happy Reading


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