blue moon (2)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One Of Walker's Dumbest Stunts # 1 ©

Today is such a lazy day; I don’t feel like writing anything at all. It’s been raining all day. That must be the reason I feel like a throw rug.
Even the cats are walking all over me.
All the stuff clogging my head you’d think something will spill out onto the floor, but noooooooo.
I could give you a story about a fishing trip I had that ended up with Andy in the river. Yes the same Andy whose car I drove into the wall and who sucked face with a man dressed as women.
I could post about the time I was in a high speed chase with the police for 100 miles and didn’t even know it, with planes, cars and motorcycles chasing me.
Or there was the bingo hall break and enter, that was so well planned that it was a successful joke.
There was the ice fishing trip that turned into a deep sea diving expedition.
Oh, the bank robbery that went down, while I was in the bank and argued with the robber, with a gun pointed at me.
Or one of Walker’s dumbest moments. Yes that’s what we will do.

One Of Walker’s Dumbest Moments

There was the time my best friend and I got drunk and decided to play William Tell with 2-9mm pistols. No one ever accused me of being boring, or smart for that matter.
We had been drinking all after noon and shooting off the guns, to see who was the better shot with a pistol and a rifle?
He lived in a rural area and we had built a target range that faced in no ones direction. Shit happens and we didn’t want to hurt anyone by accident.
After a while, it got boring so we came up with something else to do.
We decided to put a chair in front of each of the 2 posts he had in the yard. They were 20 paces apart.
Then we each sat down and marked where our heads were against the posts and measured 2 feet up and that’s where the bottom of the paper target would be.
That done we loaded up and sat down in our chairs facing each other. He went first and took a shot.
At this point his girl friend came out and yelled, are you two nuts?
Buddy just yelled back, shut up woman and get back inside.
She went inside to the kitchen window and was freaking out.
I took my shot and so on; taking turns firing and sipping beer in between.
When the guns were empty we got up and went to each other's target.
I hit his target 8 out of 10 times; he hit his 4 times and hit the post a foot above my head too. That sobered me up quick. He’s a lousy shot, 4 out of 10 times. That game was over quick. Oddly enough, we got off lucky now that I think about it.
Good thing we didn’t use the apples.

What’s one of the dumbest things you done?

Oh, and you guys pick the next one you want me to write about from the colored list above.



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