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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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0600 hrs I’m still awake.
0615 hrs Phone rings, they’re dbl rings which tells me, its long distance.
It’s my friend from England touching base with me. For those of you who don’t know who she is, you can find out following back to There’s the door part 1& 2. For those of you that remember, here is the update.
Her husband has lost his job and he has no money.
They live from paycheck to paycheck, and they have just bought a house. He has been working for this company for 3 years and gets 1,200 pounds a week and they are broke. That’s over 2500 Canadian dollars a week for fuck sakes. I wonder if he knows what a bank is.
He went to her and said; "Now that I’m unemployed we are going to have to live off of your paycheck".

Points to remember:

1. This is the same guy who sold her stuff, while she was away and spent the money.
2. This is the guy that told her if she didn’t like the way he treated her to leave with the clothes on her back.
3. This is the guy who for 10 years has not fucked his wife. I didn’t say made love to her, because I think he is incapable of loving anything but himself.
4. This is the guy that didn’t want her to have a job.

She then told me that she pointed out to him, how easily he was throwing her out on her own and the ultimatum he gave her.
He offered to have a contract written up, as to the fact that she was going to pay for their way, until he got a job.
Then her door bell rang and she hung up.

Let’s work with what we now I have.
I have a problem with the contract thingy.
I have never been married, but I spent 17 years with one woman and 9 years with another.
With my first relationship, the one for 17 years, I paid for almost everything. It didn’t bother me in anyway and I gave her spending money and got her what ever she wanted.
No contract, nothing owed.
It was an understanding that I was born with, or I instilled it within myself at some early stage of my life. (I was brainwashed by Louis L’ Amour books) I will pay if I have and will share the bills if my mate worked too.
No contract, nothing owed.
In my second relationship, my girlfriend worked.
We shared the bills and we only discussed on any purchases that were expensive. (Gucci handbags and shoes excluded)
When her kids moved in and the cost at home went up 3 fold, there was nothing to discuss, we split the bills evenly again, as we always did. It was my family as well. It wasn’t even a thought for me to complain.
If I didn’t work and there were times, then she paid the bills. There was no tally sheet, no IOU’s.
No contract, nothing owed.
Now all you people out there. Tell me. Isn’t this the way it’s suppose to be in a relationship or marriage?
We share with the ups and downs. The good times and the bad ones. If one partner is out of work, doesn’t the other one help without a thought? Or am I a dreamer, and naïve?
How can anybody be in a relationship where you make contracts to help each other?
I see a lack of LOVE……………………………………

Now lets switch, to how the bitch hung up the phone without saying,”wait a sec, I got to get the door”. She has never hung up on me like that before. She says stuff to me in front of her husband and is not worried about being heard.
What do you guys/gals think?
She hasn’t been fucked in almost 3 years, and she dumped me like a hot potato at the sound of the bell. The door bell has rung before while we were on the phone. She just said “hold on.”
Could it have been her lover?
She probably was expecting him and knew the minute the door opened and he came in, he’d be tearing the clothes off your body and throwing her to the floor for a good hard fucking.
So she didn’t want me to be on hold for a long time and hung up.
Or it could just have been AVON calling.

0625 hrs I'm still awake.


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