blue moon (2)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

My Saturday ©

This is a short summary of my Saturday.
Phone rings. It’s 10:30 am. I got to bed at 7:30 am.
Hello………..blink blink
Good morning sir, we would like you to help us with a few questions.
I’m sleeping.
It will only take 10 minutes.
I’m sleeping.
Would you like us to call you at another date?
I’m sleeping.
Pause………Ok we’ll call later. Have a nice day……..clik
I’m sleeping.
Pause…… I’m awake. Fuck.
Three hours sleep; add that to the two I got yesterday, it’s going to be a good day.
Stagger to the wash room, brush teeth and what ever else, (I may swear a lot but I do have manners).
Ok the agenda.
1. Return web cams, and buy a better one
2. Go by a book.
3. Get a hair cut.
I go down stairs and feed the cats. I have 2 cats. I love both of the little fur balls. After that is done I grab my jacket and go next door. Ask my parents if they need anything, they say no.
I open the door to leave and my mother says, are you going out like that?
I say yeah why?
Oh nothing, she says, but don’t you sleep in those.
I look down and I’m still wearing my slumming track pants.
I go next door and put on a pair of jeans.
First I go to the computer store and I tell him the web cams suck, so he sells me one that is more expensive.
It’s no big deal to me, because it’s a gift and I’ll enjoy it just as much as the person getting it. “Wink”
Next I go to the book store. It’s about 2 miles away but I enjoy walking.
It starts to rain now, but I like a light drizzle.
I get to the book store and I tell the guy at the cash what I’m looking for and he shows me where to find it. On the way back to the cash I find another book I may enjoy reading. I put both books on the counter and look at the clerk. He looks as happy as a fish on a hook.
The books were on sale for $30, I put the money on the counter in front of the man. He looks at the money and then at me and says. $5 each.
Huh, I said.
Five dollars each book. If you buy 15 books its five dollars.
I tell him I didn’t come in the store to buy 15 books at 5 dollars each and then haul them all the way home.
He comes back with, if you buy 15 books you can have them all for five dollars but if you buy 2 then its 5 bucks each.
I’ve had enough with this store I quit.
I have just decided I’m done, says the clerk.
Where’s the hidden camera?
Well what can I do, I bought 7 kids books and 8 other hard cover books and hauled out of there.
I got $300 in books for $5.25.
Now I got 50 pounds of books and 2 miles to walk to the barber shop.
I get there and sit in the chair happy to be free of my burden, even for a bit.
Hair chopped I get home and just in time, Sara was on the head set.
We talked for a couple of hours before she went shopping for her groceries.
I settled back in my comfy chair to relax when the phone rang.
Hello I asked.
Good evening sir, I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions. It will only take 10 minutes.
Great, back where I started from.
Ok, I told him, shoot.

I hate telemarketers.


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