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Monday, May 02, 2005

It's Easter ©

It’s Easter today for me. I’m Greek Orthodox.
The lamb is in the oven; my mother has been cooking and baking for a couple of weeks. This is a big holiday in Greece. There is none bigger. Now being a Canadian Greek, It s slightly different. I don’t have the enthusiasm that they do in Greece, I guess it’s because religion has not been a huge issue with us here. My parents and relatives have always celebrated it, following some of the traditions like lent.
Lent is a subject I have always had problems understanding. There are certain things you can eat at certain times and other times you can’t.
For example, you are not allowed to eat olive oil at certain times but you can eat olives. Doesn’t olive oil come from olives? If you eat a pile of olives doesn’t your body break it down to where it is oil inside you?
I’m confused, but religion always did confuse me.
I think knowledge destroyed religion for me.
I remember having an argument with an uncle about Jesus Christ. He was saying how the Jews crucified Jesus.
Well I wasn’t there, but from what I heard they had a part in it. But then I said, well if they did, then the Jews killed one of their own.
Well that did it.
Who was a Jew he asked?
Jesus was a Jew I told him. He was Jewish.
What can I tell you? The man did a Linda Blair on me and his head spun around. Jesus was not a Jew he was Christian, he bellowed at me with eyes bulging.
No I said Christianity is based on his life and beliefs, he was a Jew, I shot back
Well his freaking out only brought the rest of the family into it and I might as well of been Linda Blair’s brother because I was Satan himself by the end of the night.
I was deemed stupid and ignored for the rest of the night until I got home where my father called me an idiot and went to bed.
Anyway back to today.
Religion aside, it’s a good holiday for the family.
There was all sorts of good rich foods. At the end of the meal we all got a colored hard boiled egg. We then knock them against someone else’s egg and see who has the hardest one.
This was my nieces first Easter so she really got into the smashing of eggs.
These traditions are good in keeping families’ together and enjoying each others company.
Without these holidays and get togethers we may drift apart and forget each other, until the branches of the family tree break off and the tree dies, leaving the leaves scattered all over and alone.
As for the religious side of Easter, well I believe there was a man named Jesus Christ. I believe he was a kind soul, worthy of our respect and compassion. He walked this earth and helped people . He gave them hope in a time where there was none and paid for it with his life.
If the Earth was God, then he was the son of God because he was, of this Earth.
As always this is my opinion.

Kalo Paska (Happy Easter)

Small note. My niece won the egg breaking contest. When noone was looking she got into the basket and smashed them all with her bottle.


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