blue moon (2)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Wasted Youth Revisited ©

Alright, now here is a story that happened about 6 years ago.
A couple of friends and I had hooked up for some beer and to shoot the shit for a couple of hours.
We don’t get to see each other to much any more, we all live in different cities now.
As kids we were the local gang ,about 50 of us.
We grew up fast and smart and we ruled our roost.
We were young and nuts, lived for beer, pot, women and a good time.
We laughed, we partied.
They were great times and they were bad times, we buried a few brothers back then.
I want you to know I have a smile on my face now and tears in me eyes.
They were all good boys, never broke any moral laws and their mothers were proud.
There are about 14 of us left now.
Cheers Jeff you were the best and I love you, I hope the devil gave you a Harley and you’re tearing up Hell.

Don’t get me wrong people, that was then this is now.
I’m a computer technician now and a network specialist and the 2 guys I met that day, 1 is a millwright in charge of a whole bottling plant in Toronto and the other is a top end mechanic.
I still like beer and the occasional joint and as for women well there is one in my life that I love and that is more than I need.

Anyway we are at my cousin’s sister’s house, she was a kid back when but she loved to see us back then and loves us all now.
So we’re hanging around and talking the stories from back when and remembering the boys and the stupid stunts we did when around the corner my nephew shows up acting like a crazy sugar drenched Godzilla and destroying everything in his path.
Mike grabs him and sets him down and tells him not to move.
The kid looks up an says "you're not my father you can’t do that, you know what gonna happen to you when I tell him, he’s bigger than you".
Yeah I’m thinking, he’s going to run like a rabbit.

His mother comes around and hears him and says your uncle is tough enough don’t you worry he has done some wild things you know.
Like what asks the boy.

Well says Mike looks at the kid then at me.
Hey, Mike says to me remember that time when we had it out with those guys.
I’m staring blankly at him now.
Bastard is putting me on the hook. Um yeah I remember.
The time we messed with those gun dealers you mean.
Mike’s eyes bulge, ah yeeeeah that time now he’s reaching for the Jack Daniels.
He doesn’t know what I’m gonna say now, hell I’m stoned and half drunk and happy. I haven’t had a joint in a year .
So I think what the hell.

What happened says the nephew. I sit back and say you see Philip here.
He goes yeah .
Well him and Jeff went out one night and got drunk then stole a truck from a warehouse and brought it here. Oh says the boy ,what was in it?
Well it was full of guns and hand grenades and everything.

Mike is coughing up JD everywhere now. Philip is whispering to Mike, when did me and Jeff steal a truck with guns.
Mike looks at him and says you were stoned remember.
Philip looks up blankly and says ah yeah, YEAH I remember now.
Mike wants to smack him upside the head, he’s not getting anymore tokes.

What did you do with the guns uncle?
Well I say to the boy it seems that your uncles didn’t get away without being seen and all of a sudden a group of men come driving up the street, jumping out of cars with guns and start chasing us.
Now Philip is leaning in closer to hear his story.
The boy's eyes were bulging .

We ran up this street and down an alley to that old house that no one lives in, I tell the boy and we hide.
So you got away says the boy.
No. They were outside and were coming in and they had machine guns.

We gathered around and looked for weapons, I had a knife Philip grabbed a brick, and Mike got a 2 by 4 and Jeff was gonna use his fists.
So we stood around the door and waited.
The boy was listening now.

What happened, he asked?
Well, they kicked in the door and started shooting, we jumped at them, and the guns were BLAZING.
The room filled with smoke and just as fast as it started, it was over.
The room was quiet.
Philip was at the edge of his seat.
The boy was waiting.
Mike was getting a beer.

WELL!!!!! yells Philip.
Yeah asks the boy, what happened?
I take a swig of my beer look at the 2 of them and say, "We all got killed".
I got up and went to the next room to hang out with Mike.
Now I remember Philip yelled, that's exactly how it happened

I can hear Philip and the boy going WOW in the kitchen.
Mike passed me the bottle of Jack and says to me, you were always full of it and i am going to shoot Philip on of these days for being a moron.
Ah well what can I say.
Hey, any grenades left/
A few.

You gotta love kids and stoned friends they’re so gullible.

If you ever miss being a child and being gullible and stupid, smoke a joint and forget about it.


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