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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Girlfriend Part 3 New Beginings and The Future ©

Well here we go .Part 3 The Good the Bad and the Ugly all at once. The GF and I started talking regularly again .She said she missed me and wanted to be with me but didn’t want to commit until she talked to Asshole. She had made a decision and wouldn’t tell me so I told her ok then take your time and come back after you talk to him and tell me. She said she didn’t want to waste that time and we were together the whole time. He apparently after winning her back has had to go on a walk about that can take god knows how long for him to come back. She didn’t have his home number or address. 5 years and he didn’t trust her. Never sent a Xmas card, Birthday card, Valentines Day card, nothing fucks all. All he wanted was the control he had over her. (Remember this is my opinion) To be honest with you I think he never loved her he just wanted to win and make us break up as revenge. From what I have been told he gloated about it too.
Well after about a week she gets a dear Jane email from Asshole. I wish she would have answered him back with to late I went back to him wanker but I never get any breaks. I didn’t dance around or gloat. I was worried about how she felt and tried to be there for her. Don’t get me wrong now the though of him floating face down in the Thames River with seagulls plucking chunks of meat off his ass was a pleasant thought.
We started getting things back together slowly. We both wanted to be together so it was an easy process, but I needed to know what happened in that 1 ½ months apart. So I asked the questions. Were you going to him? Yes was the reply. Did you give him nude pictures of you? No was the reply. What did you tell him about me? That I cared for you she says.
Now what I found out later about my questions. Yes she was going for a visit .True she didn’t lie, she was going to use him to see London. Yes she sent him picture of her nude. Lie. Fuck. But they were only of her fanny well I think it’s only her ass right Nope.
You see people Brits, Kiwi’s and Aussies have created these cute words to mask their infidelities and indiscretions with a it's nothing really kind of attitude.
Shag is a cute word for FUCK. Not a type of carpet but FUCK. No honey it was only a shag it was nothing really .Wrong it was a fuck, someone put his cock into you, it’s personal. Fanny as I recently learned is a cute word for VAGINA or PUSSY or CUNT (I apologize to the ladies that may read this blog. I am only referring to a body part). So now I am sitting here imagining my GF sitting on the bed smiling with her legs spread wide open and taking Pictures of her PUSSY for Asshole. I may add I have asked for full nude pictures and have been told no. He gets Pussy pix. Not to mention she told him everything about us having sex and how it was. Was probably sitting the jerking off the whole time enjoying it? She tells me she cried through the whole thing .I believe her, but what the fuck were you thinking and where was the loyalty to me. The one that was always there and not the Asshole how sent you a text message when he felt like talking to you.
Now Asshole has a picture of my GF’s Pussy as his desktop background. He probably gets up on his desk and pokes the screen with his cock. That’s when he is not showing his friends his cool new background. “SIGH”
Hey get this he wanted to put a hit on me too. He knows someone in my city. Man doesn’t have the Balls to do it himself. Shit would have been fun to see what would have happened. Did I mention I have been a bouncer for years.

The fact remains we are back together and I do love her very much as much as before this bullshit started. She says the same and was only confused and I believe her. Asshole is gone and she said she lied because she didn’t want to hurt me.
As for Asshole I’m hoping he gets a virus and my GF’s Pussy is gone with the rest of his PC or he gets hit by a double Decker bus. She told me everything she did she did because she felt sorry for him because he was a walking crisis sick all the time but the bastard never dies. I get sick and I rough it out and tell no one and keep your pity just give me the Tylenols.
Things are going good for us now and I am preparing to go see her in the near future with the idea that I will be moving to New Zealand. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman and to get old with her.
I want to take her to London to see the Queens Crib and you know what? I may look into the Thames to see if there is anything floating down it.
This will be my last entry on this subject so live with it.

So if anyone ever tells you love is a piece of cake.
Look them in the eyes.
Stare deep deep into them.
And tell the Walker says.



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