blue moon (2)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Relief ©

What a day yesterday was. The girl friend on the headset horny and all wet and I have a guest here who hasn’t been fucked in 16 months and that was me .She’s here for 2 more weeks and I can’t say much in fear she might hear me and then I got 2 sex crazed women on my hands. One I want the other a friend who’s getting nothing. And I want to get FUCKED TOO. ARG. Ok, friend goes to bed early and the girlfriend is writhing on the head set. I say ok this is our chance. She freaks, no I can’t she says .Her oldest son is home from school sick, and she was worried he may hear. God dammit where’s Scotty when you need him.
Just be quiet I tell her, thinking she never is. I can’t she tells me. See I told you so. TRY I say and I start, I can hear the muffled moans on the other side and we go into our routine, perfected over the last year or so. Was better when we were together but WAS getting expensive on headboards. I can hear her heavy breathing and moaning getting louder, shit am I so horny by now hard as a rock and I can’t do nothing because I have someone in the house and she may walk down at any moment and she may catch me with my cock in my hand. Shit, Shit, Shit. Oh God Oh God Oh God from the head set, now, now, now she beckons. I say what she wants to hear and the next thing I hear is a big groan and silence.
Thanks baby that was great she tells me you’re the best. Your welcome dear says I with a smile on my face and a big hard-on in my pants. December is 8 months away before I get to New Zealand. . She’s going to need a new head board when I leave her and I’m removing mine before she gets here.

We are the team together or apart. God I Love this woman. NZ here I come.


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