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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

That's Entertainment ©

Today’s post just SUCKS.
I’m sitting at home the other night well early morning to be exact, waiting for the GF to come home and hook up on Yahoo. I can smell something but can’t put my finger on it. I get up and walk around and my nose leads me to the front door. I open the door and step out and there it was? The smell of fire in the early morning air. It’s and old friend whom you seldom see but always recognize. I look up into the sky and you can see the glow brightening up the night. I think to myself, I hope no one is hurt and go back inside.
The next day in the newspaper the caption is “Somerset St. W Fire claims the lives of 5 people, two adults and 3 children.” It was young family trying to make ends meet, living above a Chinese market because the rent was cheap. There was no fire escape, and only one entrance and that was down a flight of stairs to the street. It is believed the fire started in the market below and quickly became and inferno because of the products sold in the store, oils, dry goods etc….. They never had a chance.
Today 36 hours after the fire, I had to go down to the area where the fire had been to do some shopping. The building was gone, burnt to the ground.
People had gathered around and as I walked through I stopped looked for 20 seconds and started to go. There must have been 50 people watching, standing around, laughing, and joking.
On the way back home I passed through again and noticed that most of the people were the same as when I first went through. That was about an hour before.
What was there to see?
What was funny?
Why were they here?
All these people were here for what.
Then it came to me, this is entertainment.
5 people died, and a business was destroyed and this, is entertainment.
I really miss Saturday morning cartoons right now.

Have a Safe Day

P.S. IOU all a laugh.


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