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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Medicine Cabinet ©

Today I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet, above the sink in the washroom.
As I was empting the contents I remember 12 years ago, when my ex first spent the night and went to the washroom in the morning. Like everyone I guess, we have looked in someone’s medicine cabinet a time or two or three …. Well I guess this was my inspection. I’m lying in bed and I hear her call out, can you come here for a minute please. I walk over to the washroom and she is standing there in front of it pointing. What’s that? I look into the cabinet. Oh I say that’s tequila. Why is it there she asks me. Ummmmmmm it’s to help my mouthwash I tell her. She’s got a grin on her face and says how?
Well I ask her have you ever used Listerine. (I’m talking about the original one too). She says no. Well I suggest let me show you and take out the Listerine and the tequila. Taking the cap off the Listerine I fill it up with the mouthwash that done I take the shot glass from the cabinet and fill it with tequila. Ok we are ready I say. First take the Listerine in your mouth and squish it around for 30 seconds and I’ll tell you the rest after.
She grabs the mouthwash and throws it back and starts squishing. 5 seconds later her eyes are bulging and she’s leaning for the sink spewing the Listerine before she gets there, she comes back with an OMG!!!!! Loud and clear and I go QUICK TEQUILA!!!!! , at which time she grabs the glass and throws it back to sooth her mouth. Now that’s why I have the tequila in the cabinet I say. Oh was the reply.
9 months later when she moved in I found the Listerine in the garbage, the tequila, in the kitchen cupboard and a bottle of Scope in the medicine cabinet.
Oh Well. Did I mention the Listerine was in there for a year and I never used it?

Today’s medicine cabinet contained :
Mouthwash: Listerine MINT flavor
Shaving cream: Gillette for sensitive skin, I’m such a softy
After shave: Aqua Velva sport
Toothpaste: Colgate
Some Tiger Balm
A comb
Some elastic bands
And some band aids

What’s in Your medicine cabinet ?


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