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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Her Name Is Not Cunt ©

Keeping in stride with my last post, I’d like to say my brother is an asshole. I can’t understand how 2 people can come out of the same woman and be so different. Maybe it’s because I raised myself and he was cuddled. Maybe all that thumb sucking has rotted his sense of caring for the other people around him. Maybe he’s just an asshole.
The other day I was sitting here chatting with the GF at 3:30 am. The phone rings and it’s my brother.
What is it I ask?
Come up here now.
Why I ask him?
Just come up here right now.
No, I want to know what you want. (I have been dragged to his place, which is 50 feet away for some stupid reason in the past).
She’s drunk and not letting the baby sleep.
I tell the GF I have to go and will be back soon.
I walk down the street to my brother’s place and get buzzed in.

This is an old hell for me. These two people deserve each other because I wouldn’t want to see someone else in the hell they create. The police have been to their place no less than 7 times. I know this because they both call me over when the war begins.
One day I get there; open the door just in time to see my sister in law go flying over the couch and land on the floor between the couch and the chair. She looked up at me and says did you see that he hit me. I look over at my brother he’s about 20 feet away. I’m thinking he has retractable 20 foot arms.
She gets up and I tell her to stop trying to fuck around with me. She tells me that my brother is fucking hookers in my parents place. I tell her that’s not possible because my parents are there. She says no he did, I was watching through the door window and he was fucking her on the floor and your parents were watching. I just sat there completely blank for a second and told her she was nuts.
Now she thinks this way because my brother calls her up from his cell phone and tells her that he’s fucking a hooker in her car.
He has smacked her around and in public.
I have seen her smash crockery over his head while he was sitting there watching TV.
She has called me in the past to tell me about the abuse she goes through, mentally and physically. I told her to kick him out and find someone else. Instead of leaving him, she taped our conversation and played it for my brother who in turn calls me up and asks me why I told her that, so I told him why and what I thought of him.
He has ripped off every member of her family but then again he’s ripped off every member of his family.
Every woman he has dated he has smacked around and drained of money.
She on the other hand drives me nuts. She is one of those people who never shuts' up, and every conversation revolves around her, disease and dying. Her whole family is the healthiest looking bunch of dying people you can ever meet.
She lives to talk and she never stops for air.
For example: I went to the store today and saw this hat. I remember once when I was 6 and I saw a hat that looked just like it .My mother was taking me to the doctor because I was dying.
She has been dying for 4 years now and she has 50 years left to live.
To make matters worse she gets pregnant and has a cute little girl.
How the fuck, did he manage to get you pregnant I asked her. He hasn’t slept in her bed in 11 years. (No word of a lie) I jumped him on the couch she says. Stupid bitch I’m thinking. For the record the baby is at my mothers place for 12 hours a day every day almost.

I walk into the place and the sister in law looks at me and says, Oh it’s you. He told me he called your mother.
My brother goes, the cunt is drunk.
I tell him to shut up. Her name is not cunt.
Oh it’s OK she says that’s my name now, Miss Cunt; I can’t remember my name any more because that’s what he calls me.
He yells back, shut up the baby can’t sleep.
I tell him he is louder and I can barely hear her.
She goes on to tell me she went out and had a drink, 1 ½ beers to be exact in 4 hours. She never goes out and is home all night taking care of the baby. He goes out every day until 4 am.
I told her good for you. You have the right to go out and have fun. Then she tells me that the waitress told her that my brother was hitting on her. I know the waitress and I tell her’ you are lying. She says no I’m not. The waitress told her that he is nice to her and he’s funny.
I said that is not hitting on her.
She says it’s the same thing.
She is extremely jealous BTW.
My brother yells again to tell her she is keeping the baby up again, I tell him to shut the fuck up and I take the sister in law outside for a smoke.
Outside she tells me about the years of abuse and how she should leave him. I take a good look at what she is wearing to see if I could spot a mike sticking out through her cleavage before I say, you should.
She tells me I made a mistake I went with the wrong brother.
I say no you didn’t.
I could make you happy.
I say no you couldn’t.
The conversation went on like this until the smokes were done and we went in. I stayed there until 4:20 am and left for home. All night I was expecting the phone to ring but it didn’t.
I don’t think these people are in love with each other. They are just together because they look good together. Ken and Barbie, HEY, didn’t they split up too.
He is tall handsome with a chiseled face. She is tall beautiful with long flowing blond hair and fake boobs. Both are model material (your gonna hear a comment from Sara on this remark I bet lol).
Personally I think she should leave my brother and find a deaf man and live happily ever after and as for my brother he should find a big poofy couch to beat on and sleep on, but it will probably never happen.
No one has to live with abuse.
Get the fuck out if you’re being abused.


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