blue moon (2)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Girlfriend Part 2 . The End ©

Well part two begins. The GF and I had a great time together but the day came when she had to go. We rolled around in the bed together as much as we could because we bother knew it was going to be awhile since we saw each other again. I took her to the airport where saying goodbye was so hard and she was crying which choked me up so much I had to talk a breath to find me tongue. I sat there and watched the plane take off and home I when to await her arrival at my computer.
Two days later and there she was. We talked like before and pickup where we were before the trip to see me. As time went bye though I noticed a change in the way she talked to me. I was reluctant to ask to many questions considering she was preparing for her sons departure to Japan and she may have been nervous about that .
December 31 2004 comes around and I get a Dear John email from the girlfriend telling me she didn’t love me she never did and that when she said she left her heart in Canada it was a lie because it was in England with Asshole and had never asked for it back.
A little bit on Asshole. He lives in England and was the girl’s friend’s online boyfriend for years. As I know from her. He was a musician and sold cars for a living. He is an anal retentive prick . All his socks and shirts had to be placed a certain way and if something was out of place the universe would stop and cataclysms happened. I knew about him from the start. She had told me she loved me and I was what she wanted. She had once told me she would have loved to have a child with me. Not that it was in the plan but it made me feel good to know. Every time she talked with him and it wasn’t often she came back to me crying or frustrated. I would spend the night talking to her and mostly listening and trying to calm her down. Well she had decided to tell him it was over and she loved me. The master puppeteer aka Asshole started his spiel and convinced her he had changed and the years together would be wasted and he loved her. I don’t know if he loved her or ever did but I knew he hated loosing to me. Mostly because I was a Canadian and of Greek parents. Will I call him a racist naw you decide? Bigot for sure and maybe arrogant bastard.
None the less I got mad really MAD. I knew she lied to me about her feelings and the fact that she sent me a fucken email after all we had said and meant to each other she didn’t have the guts to tell me. She had forgotten the bus ride and the time we spent together and choose the man who made her unhappy and cry.
We talked on the phone and it wasn’t nice from my part mostly, considering I was pissed and hurt and the victim. She stood by her guns and told me she loved him more. Fuck it I said and hung up.
She spent the next few weeks following me around in the backgammon rooms watching me play using a hider name so I wouldn’t know her but one of her friends would tell me she is here, can you tell who she is. Now this friend was a class a bitch let me tell you. I was hurting and she was baiting me. Now throw in a bunch of hungry women that started chasing me and my life was a wreck considering I still loved the girlfriend, and lets not forget the stalkers coming in and laying in on me. OK I’m very popular in the backgammon rooms.
Every time I saw her in her name I was I was upset. The mutual friend would go into a room and when she saw her there would tell me, come to room 2 and play. I would go in and look who else was there. She would take chats I had with her and edit them and send then to the GF making it look like it was me talking garbage about her. (For the record all my chats are saved and I could go back to them and see what I said. I’m not so stupid eh. Sorry I’m Canadian, I had to say eh at least once in this blog.). She also sent me chats from my GF saying she wished Asshole would get angry enough and dump her so she could come back to me groveling at my feet. Who the fuck wants his/her mate to grovel at their feet .Well maybe an Asshole. Did I mention I got so depressed that I drank myself into the hospital and was there for 2 days as the doctors were calculating the time of my death, but who gives a fuck anyway the GF doesn’t love me and never did anyway right? Right. Ok not thinking of that time in the hospital no more I get the shivers .At any rate I survive the hospital doctors have less paper work and I go home to my nightmare with some great scripts. Was I stoned .Only caused more shit anyway but I felt nothing. The mutual friend disappears for awhile and I run out of drugs .Contemplating a relapse for more. As the booze and the drugs wore off I started to think clearly. Saw the GF in a stupid Nic one day and I didn’t like the look of it and contacted her friend and told her she could use the old one. Hell I was leaving backgammon anyway .I was tired of this bullshit and her decision to hook up with Asshole. (I can’t get enough calling him that. Asshole, Asshole, Asshole. Ok enough).
The GF came back to me later and wanted to talk on Yahoo. I was nice, and I didn’t say Asshole once. Thought of it 10 million times though. She told me a lot and we parted there. Not to long after she came and asked if she could watch me play and I offered to go play in the same tour with her in our old room where we met. She was apprehensive and was worried about what they would say. I said who gives a fuck what other people say lets go. I had sent a message telling key figures in the room and the host of the room we were coming and I expected a roaring welcome for her. I held back my entrance and she went in first by herself. I followed a little later and the place was full of hugging and kisses. Their sister had come home. This was a happy and sad moment for me at the time because she was back and I had already decided I was going .I had new email addresses ready and was changing my home and cell phone numbers. I knew I had to fix things before I left and I was going to miss my friends who had become my family.


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