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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Beer Please ©

In the last week or so I’ve managed to hurt and anger a few people. I like everyone to know what I Wright is my opinion and excerpts of my life. The problem is, we as people live and dream parallel lives. If not totally the same, surly close. If you see anything that resembles your life in some part in any blog it only means you’re not alone. If I have hurt anyone with what I say then I am very sorry and I want you to know I understand how you feel but this is my life.
Walker is not my real name, unless some of you believe it sounds Greek. I choose the name of Walker because that’s what I do. I walk through life with both eyes open and my mind searching for answers.
I’ve seen a lot. I’ve done a lot. I have no regrets, because it’s what made me who I am today and I don’t think I’m that bad. I am 46 years old and lived 1000.
Over time I will be introducing you to Walker through my posts as I have already begun.
I want to make you laugh,
I want to make you cry,
I want to make you wet,
I want to make you sigh,
I want you to see,
What I have seen,
I want you to walk,
Where I have been,
So pull up a chair,
Put up your feet,
Let Walker try to give you a treat.
So click your mouse and watch and see
The next beer just, may be on me.

The other day I was in the beer store picking up a six pack of beer. It used to be a 24 but I noticed it didn’t make a difference I still drank them all, so I now buy a six pack and think I drank a 24. A six pack costs as much as a 24 did back then anyway.
While in line the clerk was asking this guy in front of me for an ID. The guy says I don’t have any but the clerk said no ID no beer so off he went out the door under a rain of curses aimed towards the clerk.
It brought me back to when I first got served while underage, and it was a beer. And it was Okeefe beer .Would be called swill today and I’d be the first one to call it that. Oddly enough it was the first time I got to see a naked woman.
It was late and I had missed the gang, they had left earlier for the market area. It was the rough seedy part of town at the time. It was infested with hookers, bikers, and the scum of the city and us.
I was 13 years old and had to work with my mother after school to make ends meet. So I never got to leave to meet them until after work around 8 pm on Friday nights. This Friday they had left for the market without me. I got home changed and hopped on the bus for my 20 minute ride to meet my bros.
When I got there I went around to the usual haunts to find them but was out of luck. It’s not like there were many, considering we were underage and we were not allowed into drinking establishments.
I wandered around for an hour and finally said fuck it and looked for a place to go. There were these stairs going into an establishment at the base of a run down building. I had never been there or knew what was happening down in this dungeon. I walked down and opened the door, a huge cloud of cigarette smoke crawled out and I stepped in. The place was dim to the point I couldn’t see much. I found a table next to this stage. I guessed this is where the band played. The waiter came over and said what would you like to drink? My mind was racing should I say beer or coke. He’ll probably kick me out if I say beer so I figure I’ll say coke , OK that’s it, I’ll say coke , yes I said I’ll have a beer. Shit I said beer, door here I come. What kind he asked? HUH? He said what kind. Oh um what should I say, the old man drinks Okeefe, so I say Okeefe please. Quart, pint or glass .Who gives a fuck I say to myself someone’s gonna sell me beer. Oh um quart I guess, I say in my best old enough to drink voice. Off goes the waiter, fuck I was so excited I wanted to go to the washroom but someone might take my beer. The waiter came over with my beer and a small glass and says a dollar which I quickly gave him before he changed his mind and asked for ID and he left. For the record I was 5 ft 10 in tall and weighed about 170 pounds at 13 and was sporting a mustache. That aside I had my trophy; it was in a brown bottle in front of me all mine and paid for. Where are the guys to see this shit, they’re not going to believe me. I stared at the bottle for a little while and then reached out for it to pour a glass. Shit it was heavy and hey this is a lot of beer isn’t it. I fill the glass and watch it foam up and over the rim of the glass and across the table and onto the floor. I think I did it wrong and quickly look around to see if anyone saw me. I carefully watched some others tilt their glass so that there was little foam, ok, got it for next time. I take a sip, stop and think wow this stuff sucks, why do they drink it?
Well I was in to it now and had drank my glass dry and was tilting it and carefully filling it with this beer that was tasting better with every sip. That’s when the music started. The speakers were loud and the bass was high. That’s when a woman walked from behind the curtain and started dancing on the stage. I’d looked up but my eyes were glued to my beer. My first illegal beer, “sigh” I was happy. In the meantime the woman was shaking up a storm and the men were hooting and banging on tables whistling, I was at my table admiring the soft subtle curves of my beer bottle.
The music changed and the guys went NUTS, my eye caught a glimpse of something fly over my head and into a crowd of drunken screaming idiots.
Did you know the color of beer is so drawing, inviting you to pick up the glass and have another sip , I better fill up the glass I thought it was almost empty. The music changed one more time and it was pandemonium guys were standing up acting like mad men waving, jumping, throwing comments at the woman on the stage. Ah such a lovely bee……There was an explosion of lights like the Canada Day Fireworks but in my head a sharp pain .I almost fell out of my chair but managed to still remain seated. I look up at the stage and there standing before me was this beautiful naked woman with huge tits. Well I had never seen real tits before so I assumed they were huge. What the fuck it’s my story THEY WERE HUUUUUUUUGE! There I said it. She had beaned me with her shoe POW right in the head and says; when I’m up here dancing you look at me, what are you a fucken fag. Um sorry says I and watched her bounce around the stage until the song ended and she disappeared behind the curtain again. I finished my beer quickly and scooted. Hopped on the bus and headed home.
Wait until I see the guys, they are not going to believe me.
They didn’t.
Apparently they never went out that Friday night and hung out at the park.
The next week we all went out together and I went to my favorite bar, where I got my first beer and saw my first naked woman, but I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere but nothing. It was dark that night and I was a little dizzy after when I left.
The guys never believed me but I didn’t care, it did happen and it was a good memory.



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