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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Joint ©

I have a guest staying with me for 3 weeks this month. She’s a nice lady and I’ve known her for a little over 20 years. She is part of my past and was part of the hippie generation. Free love, smoking pot and laying around (was a bad time for the hookers with all that FREE love), but this isn’t a post about her. She hasn’t changed much. She is older but still into the pot smoking. A LOT. I don’t mind much I just sit at a safe distance. Don’t get me wrong I smoke a joint or two a year at a party with friends. I’m just not into smoking a joint or two a minute. In my youth though, wait I’m calling myself old. Ummm, bad enough the GF calls me old man. In the early years, no that won’t do either makes me sound ancient. Hold on I’m thinking. AH. Once upon a time there was this young and handsome guy (I could live with this beginning) who was stupid enough to start smoking pot.
There was this one time I went to visit a friend who had just moved to the east side of town. I had never been there before and neither had he. We help his mother move things around and carry boxes to the basement. After a hard day of work we decide to go for a walk. Actually he suggested it. We walked for about 3 blocks and across a large parking lot and sat up against an old run down brownstone. It looked like it was 200 years old. There was no one in sight.
He pulls out a joint and says lets have a toke and then go back .My mothers ordering pizza. Cool I say and he sparks it up. Half way through the thing 2 bright lights shine on us from across the lot and we see it’s a car. As is it gets closer we see it’s a police cruiser. I think we both said SHIT at the same time.
We start smoking faster as the car is getting closer. I got the last drag and I swallowed the roach. I wasn’t going to leave any evidence lying around.
Buddy says oh fuck and sticks his hand in his pocket and comes out with a small bag of pot and asks ,what am I going to do with this? I ate the roach I replied.
Come on bud you got to help me. Shit I though, OK give me some. We start swallowing the pot as fast as we could. NEVER CHEW POT. By the time the car stopped in front of us it was all gone.
Ha! We said you’re getting nothing. The doors open and 2 cops get out and walk towards us. They get right to where we are and pass on by. We look at them stunned and confused. I got up and walk to the stairs where they had gone and above the doorway there is a lit sigh in big letters saying Vanier Police Station. I must have went white as a ghost I felt I was .We were leaning up against the police station smoking pot. How crazy is that?
Well we took off to his place for pizza and for hours after his mother had gone to bed there were 2 twits sitting on the couch watching movies and laughing for no reason what so ever.

This one’s for That Girl and Katya look no nekkid ladies or beer. lol


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