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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Mother ©

This is not the post I had planned for today but this is a blog about my life and what makes it important to me. Today I listened to a woman in pain, not because she was hurt physically but because she loves her son. He has gotten himself into trouble at school, to the point where he may be expelled indefinitely.
Now she is questioning herself. What have I done wrong?
She is a single mother of two.
Yes the father picks up the kids every 2 weeks for 2 days.
Yes the father supports financially but that’s it.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not here bashing the father, no; it’s the way the arraignment is but she raises them alone.
I am in her life everyday, and I hear it as if I’m there with her. I hear how she talks to her kids and I see how she respects them. I hear the love.
She goes to all the teacher parent meetings usually alone and attends any function her boys are involved in including selling croissants for the school to raise money.
She has an open mind with what they ask for and firm with them when she needs to be.
When ordering food from the store she is sure to get her list updated with what the kids want or crave. Their cloths are washed and pressed. School uniforms mended and pressed and when a jacket is lost or a shirt torn it is replaced immediately. School uniforms are not cheap.
If that wasn’t enough work raising the kids alone, she works at a medical center for the extra money to make ends meet. She doesn’t get welfare or any government support. She stands alone.
When she was here in Canada with me she ran around looking for what to bring home for the kids. The kids were not disappointed.
When she talks about her kids her eyes glow with the love and respect she honestly has for them.
But now she doubts herself.
Not only does she believe she is a failure but there is the possibility that the boy may not get into another public school and have to end up in a boarding school at a high price. I don’t believe the money is the issue as much as loosing her baby from her home for a period of time.
The boy’s high crimes are from telling the teacher to go stuff herself to the most hideous crime of tossing a chair across the floor.
I burnt down the chemistry lab and passed.
I’m not going to bash the school, because our countries differ in many things so it would be unfair to call the school principal a wanker even though it may be true.
When you do everything you can possibly do for your kids and then do more isn’t that enough. I think so.
Where did the school fail may be the question here?
What I do know is she’s a great mother and a friend to her kids.
She is also my girlfriend.
Everything will be fine no matter what the outcome is dear.



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