blue moon (2)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Got to Be Kittening Me. ©

Here is one for the weird and unbelievable.
At 3am the other day my female cat decided to crawl on my back as I slept and give birth to her kittens.
The first one was born on my back as I lay sleeping there.
If it wasn't for the tiny squeaky noises coming from between  my shoulder blades I wouldn't have noticed
Yup, I am now an incubator for pussy.

Have a nice full moon day



gal artist said...

Only you Walker, only you!

itisi said...

3 a.m.? And you were sleeping? Surprised you were asleep that early! :)

Aims said...

Cute! And hi btw x

Dotm said...

Shows how much she trusted you.

GAB said...

LOL Walker!But that only goes to prove your pussy trust you 100%