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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tagged Again ©

Devilish Angel recently tagged with something I have already done at least twice before but I am still going to do it because I have noticed that as the years pass what I like changes as does life and mostly my aching body.

10 facts about me

1. I am “the quiet man” so don’t wake me up
2. I say things as they are
3. I have a “you get what you see attitude”
4. I hate technology, it makes me crazy
5. I am a computer tech
6. I became a father 20 years after my kids were born
7. I regret not becoming a politician
8. I studied to be an architect
9. Loved being a trucker
10. I love smell of car exhaust in the morning  

Questions for the nominated bloggers

1.Whats is your favorite sports?

My favorite sports, is that to to play or watch?
At my age with this battered body, the only sports I can play have to involve the bed or couch and within arm reach of the phone to be able to call 911 if something else was to arise than the normal culprits.
Sports I like to watch is football, grid iron that is and women’s figure skating.

2.How you face critical problems?

Hmmm, it depends on the problem.
My readers, when I had some would tell you I have a spotted past, and I don’t mean the measles but I have had those too.

Lets see, an example.
First I am rational
Three seconds later I become irrational.
This is where I call in a couple of friends and head off to the daycare where I have them throw someone out the basement window.

3.One thing about which you are proud about yourself

I went back to school in my late 30s to finish the education I had abandoned 20 years earlier

4.Most happiest moment in your life
When I finally got my foreskin unzipped from my pant’s zipper.
That and when my kids were born.
I guess they go hand and hand or is that zipper and skin, had to get free to make kids

5.The word which you hate to use

“Hate” but I do and I mean it.

6.What is your dream location that you want to visit?

I have a lot of dream locations.
Machu Picchu, Egypt, New Orleans, Antarctica, Fiji, Las Vegas but most of all, the Moon.
So I can look down on our beautiful planet, drop my pants and tell all the bastards fucking it up to kiss my ass.

7.How can you describe yourself?


8.Your favourite subject in school.

Recess and gym, it’s a tie

9.Tell about your first crush.

I was 8 she was 14 and had big boobs after I kissed her I walked into oncoming traffic which led me to a body cast and 12 months of learning how to walk.
My friend married her down the road and he’s still miserable.

10.Tell about one of your childhood adventure.

Wow, growing up on the street I didn’t really have a childhood, life was the adventure.
Tell you what, Here is something from an earlier post that might help out for this question.

11.Ambition in your life.

To be all I can be in what comes my way.

I guess that’s it.

I don’t normally tag people but it anyone feels like trying this by all means knock yourselves out.

Have a nice day



Shana said...

Very interesting!! Are you serious about the body cast. That sure wouldn't be too pleasant!!!

itisi said...

I laughed so hard at that one, I had to go change my panties cuz I peed the ones I was wearing!

Walker said...

Shana: Yes I am, took me over a year to walk again.
I had broken both legs, left knee 5 ribs and a dislocated hip.
If you're going to get banged up, do it right the first time ;)

Walker said...

itisi: What, i am the poster child for timid :P

BlazngScarlet said...

"Timid" and "Quiet"?
I think not.
I do find it cute as hell that you think you are though. :D

GAB said...

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EAT LETTUCE WITH POPPY SEED DRESSING WHILE READING ANYTHING YOU POST!!!! DO you know how nasty that shit is when your laughing and choking and well basically puking it back up cause your laughing so hard? gullible kids and some adult too!! lmao Next time I make sure Im not eating a thing!