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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Assault On The Garden Of Eden ©

In the wake of recent events in Newtown Connecticut I sit lost in thought.
The tragedy of it leaves me numb.
This is becoming such of a regular occurrence it’s scary to think of it as becoming a normal occurrence.
Am I wrong to think this way?
Is this a trend we have to accept or is there a cure for this insanity?

As a parent I am worried.
Yes I have children still in schools but it’s not only that, this can happen at a mall as it did in Oregon.
It doesn’t matter that I am in Canada, this could happen anywhere, it just been happening more in the United States lately and it’s more than gun control.
It only takes one nut with a weapon of any kind to commit such a heinous crime.
Personally I don’t see the need of assault weapons being sold to the general public or the need of having clips that hold more than ten rounds.
A string of firecrackers will give you the same bang for less if it’s the noise you like but like I said I don’t think this is more about gun control than it is about society.

We can limit the tools but if we can’t cure the problem we’ve done nothing but limit the damage in the future with gun control.
It doesn’t mean our kids are not in danger or you for that matter.
It doesn’t matter how much security we put up to stop this because the evil that exists always walks among us.
It’s your neighbor.
A family member.
It could be the paperboy you never tipped.

Every day millions of parents send off their most precious possessions to the care of someone else thinking they are safe and not knowing that it could be the last time they see their little angels.

Two people cuddled up together in the darkness of night deciding what would be for dinner the next day and who is driving to soccer practice …….there will be no more dinners together, no more soccer practice

That lump in your throat is your fear.
The heaviness in your chest is your soul bleeding
The look on your face is lost
Your brain numb
Until, you realize you’re left alone in a parking lot
No one else is coming
There is no one left to come
They’re gone

No it’s a mistake
No No No
Only tears fill your palms

I write that to well because it’s one of my fears.
It became one when I let my kids out from under my protection.
It’s a fear many of us have and more so now with all of this crap.

Is this the evolution of our society?
If this is the direction its is going then gun control may not be the answer, we may need to strap on some heavy metal to gun down the paper boy before the lawn boy and him team up.
The wife’s got the postman covered.

There are people out there right now who are walking time bombs waiting to snap.
You know them.
You see them everyday
You just don’t know who they really are.

What’s the solution?
I don’t know.
Is this a trend we have to accept?
I hope not.
Will we all have to start wearing Kevlar clothes?
Do they make Kevlar diapers?

How will this effect our future and that of our offspring?
How far are we going to let this go?
200 years from now will we be sending off our sperm and eggs to a fertility clinic to conceive and raise so we can keep them safe.

There has to be a way to filter out these people who feel they need to attack innocence to be noticed.
There has to be a way to keep our children and loved ones safe without imprisoning ourselves.
There has to be a way to avoid the pain we all have to suffer especially the young ones who witness this and have to carry it around for the rest of their lives.
For parents whose lives will never be totally fulfilled with the void they will always carry within them when they lost the smiles that lit the sparkle in their eye.

With a heavy heart I sit in my dark corner embracing these parents in my thoughts and soul.

With my deepest sympathies



GAB said...

You said it all to well. Our children and even us aren't safe any where. I am scared to now send my grand kids to school. I've been paranoid before but now OMG I really am scared. I so want each and every one of them to be able to grow up and have a family. I want them to have more than I had. I used to be just afraid of fires in the house car accidents and accidents with the school bus. Now its them going to the mall the movies and now even school. Thing is we can keep them home here with us and we still arent safe. That is what is saddest of all. We do everything in our power to protect our children/ (grand) and now it can happen any where. I hope something changes soon. I have a lovely poem a friend wrote on my blog. It is so sad yet so true

Dotm said...

Dot here: Like you, my heart goes out to them and all others living in this fear. What can we do, wish I knew. Are parents around their kids enough to truly know them? Maybe it would help if we could live on one paycheck so one parent is home to guide and answer questions, or notice quicker when a child seems too silent or getting more withdrawn. Not enough love and attention at home makes kids easier to be talked into things just so they don`t feel soo lonely or to feel more popular. How did we go from the days when we never felt any reason to locks the house door if we went anywhere, to needing everything locked up and even then worry about safety. Soo much harder raising children today, do we really know much about the other kids the grandkids and yes even my great grandkids hang with? And almost every day you read about a rape in the news or newspaper. Was it this bad years ago, is it worse, or just better reportin g. God Bless those going tnhrough such heartache from rape, guns, and soo many other causes of such pain and heatache.
Wish spring would get here lots sooner, much too cold lately.