blue moon (2)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

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I’m back.
You didn’t know I was gone did you?
This is one of the few benefits of not blogging as much.
You can sneak off and no one would be the wiser.
Not even my mother.

I pick up the cell from anywhere in the world and call home.
“Hey Ma hows it going”.
“It’s going good, you”?
“Back hurts a bit, you coming over for lunch”?
“Nah I already ate”.

I look over to the bartender and order another strawberry daiquiri with double rum as a couple of scantly clad.women pass by behind him.
I shut off the phone as he comes over.

He places the drink in front of me and asks who I am here with.
I tell him with the wife and kids and as I am saying this Inia’s nephew comes over asking if I seen his father.
I tell him where the last time I seen him was and he took off.

The bartender brings me another drink and nods towards the boy and asks if it was my son.
I said no.
No sooner that I said that, Inia’s niece comes up looking for her father but as she was asking me she sees him in the smoking section and took off to where he was.

The bartender looks and asks if she was my daughter.
I say no.
He’s now giving me this strange look.
That’s when Inia’s youngest niece trots up to the bar for a Shirley Temple.
She talks to me while the bartender made her, her drink and took off when she got it.
He looks at me with his finger pointing towards the little girl and I say nope, not mine and ordered another drink.

As he went off to get me my drink Inia’s sister in law came over and asked if I had seen anyone and I pointed her towards the cloud of smoke across the room and she went to get the rest of her family for dinner.
The bartender brought me my drink and placed it in front of me before he asked if she was my wife.
I said no but just then this little black girl comes up and orders a Shirley Temple and as he looked from her to me I nodded my head up and down.
His eyes popped and froze where he stood.

Taking my drink in hand I went to our room to tell Inia that on the second day of our vacation I had managed to acquire one more wife and three kids more than when I started off with.
“Pot’s that good eh” she says?

Have a nice day



Boxer said...

Welcome back! Did your Mother notice you perhaps had a tan when you returned? Glad you had some away time iwth Inia and her family.

nachtwache said...

Nice you have someone special in your life! Your previous post had me in stitches, as your posts usually did :) I stopped blogging pretty much when my late hubby told me not to write anything about him. I had nothing to write about. Take care Walker!