blue moon (2)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End Of My Summer ©

I’m going to bitch.
Summer was damn to short.
What I wanted to do I didn’t do because I was to busy trying to keep from melting away.
What the hell was that all about?
I am in the shower trying to cool down and my ass was still sweating.
I don’t have AC but I do have eleven fans going at the same time, which turns my house into a giant wind tunnel if I get a breeze coming through the front door.
Frick can usually be found surfing the upstairs hall carpet from the washroom to the master bedroom.

I was supposed to work on my kitchen but my mother insisted I do hers first and by the time I finished hers I had to deal with my annual BBQ which went off without a hitch….almost….well there was no blood spilled.
Everyone had a good time and there was way too much food and booze like usual.
Even with forty people in attendance I still had to send food back to the freezers because they were already overwhelmed with what was out there.

It wasn’t without drama or nostalgia.
This was the first BBQ since my aunt past away and the older generation sat around remembering her as did her kids.

The drama comes in the form of my ex partners and or lovers.
They all know I have an annual Bbq and try to get invited to it; some even crash the party.
I usually try and disguise the date or tell them it’s for family only but it doesn’t always work.
This year I had one ex move back to the country and another one moved in 2 blocks from my house with a friend of mine who was invited and guess who his guest was going to be?
Yeah, great.
The one who moved back to the country called me and said she knew I was having the bbq and might drop by to meet Inia.
Last time she met one of my partners she asked her if she could still fuck me on Wednesdays.
Then there is always the kid’s mother who pops in and acts surprised when she does.

I act cool but usually I am in a panic when these prospects pop up.
Inia on the other hand loves it especially teasing me about them still wanted to jump my bones and I keep telling her, naw they don’t but I know for a couple of cases she is probably right.
Not that it matters because in the end it my business to deal with these people.
Those who know me know that once I am with someone I am with someone.
Doesn’t mean I stop looking or if I can get someone to show me her tits I wouldn’t take a peek.
It means I still love candy I just don’t taste it unless it’s the candy I already have in the sack.


That’s how I think and I had to hear the “I told you so last night from Inia”.
Yeah, yeah like I hadn’t known.

I am making dinner at home for me a D2 when the phone rings and it’s the lady up the street calling to say that she is going to the corner store for smokes and would like to stop in.
So I tell her I am making dinner for me and the kid but she could stop in for a bit.
I hadn’t hung up the phone and the doorbell goes off.
It was her.
WTF, did she call from the porch?
I let her in and she sits on my couch while I head back to the kitchen to shut down dinner for a bit while I dealt with her.
She was pissed drunk.

She starts telling me how much she is in love with her boyfriend and how she misses him now that he is out of the country on contract.
Then out of the blue she jumps me.
I mean she did this ninja move that I didn’t even see coming and before I knew it she was an octopus and wrapped around me in the corner.
For about a second that is because she went flying back to the other end of the couch before she could say wee Willy Wonka’s weenie and told her she wasn’t be appropriate.

WTF happened to I love my boyfriend?
It’s like me saying here suck my cock while I tell you how much I love Inia.
I am not saying I am an angel because I am not.
I have screwed more than a dozen married women and I guarantee you I didn’t loose any sleep over it but I was single and how other people choose to live their life is their business.

She got all insulted about being rejected and stood up to leave then fell backwards on the couch again.
She looked at me and asked if I thought she was pretty.
What the hell does that have to do with it.
I have someone in my life and I don’t cheat.

She looked at me and asked if Bo Derek or any woman who was a 10 walked through the door and stripped down and said fuck me I wouldn’t.
I told her than if the 10 I was interested in did, I would but after 6 hours of driving she would probably strip down naked walk over to the couch and pass out.

Then she looked away and I heard her say it’s hard for a 55 year old to compete with a 40 year old.
Now that got me mad.
It’s not about age and at that moment she was talking like a 14 year old.
Before Inia I was seeing a 25 year old and before her someone in her 30s.
My first girlfriend was 28.
I was 13.
Age playing little part in love.

She turns to me and says, “I’m dieing”.
She says she has a problem with her cervix.
So now we are going for the pity fuck?
Throwing yourself at me didn’t work so we go down another path?
Unfucken believable.

She says she loves her bf but tries to fuck me.
I am flattered, yes I am but life’s a bitch.
Five minutes later she got up to leave.
She walked out the door and fell face first in the street.
Great I though.
I locked up the house and walked her home.
The whole way there she was telling me how she hoped her boyfriend thought like I did and that Inia must be special.
Yes she is I told her.
Opened her front door and dropped her in, turned then left.
I heard the thump on the other side of the door as I walked down the steps.

Was it the booze?
Was she lonely and singing the blues?
Did she have an itch that needed scratching?
I don’t know, maybe a combination of all of them but what I do know is we all have to make choices not excuses and I choose to live as I do not look for an excuse to get Willy wet.
That’s why they invented the cold shower.

As you can see summer is over and everything is back to normal, OH and the kid’s mother did show up and yes she was surprised, again, but that’s another story from Walkerville.

Have a nice day



BlazngScarlet said...

I'm sorry ... the visual of your 'harem' is just too damn hilarious!

Your life IS a sit-com!

You should listen to Inia, she seems like she has a pretty good handle on your crazy 'harem'!


Walker said...

I don't have a harem.
There is just a harem out there looking for a sperm bank :P

Anonymous said...

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