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Saturday, September 17, 2011

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The other day I had to take my uncle to the doctors to get some blood work done.
He is in his mid eighties and doesn’t drive any more and with his kids working I was asked to take him down.
That and the regular lab they go to was being renovated and I was the only one in the family who knew where the next closest one was.

Since my aunt passed away my mother has him over almost every night and if he needs a chauffeur she doesn’t think twice in volunteering me.
Not that I mind but I would like to be asked once in a while.
In fact my mother loans me out to all her siblings and cousin.
“Oh don’t worry Walker won’t mind he can fix it for you for free”.

This is when you tell her you don’t have money for gas to drive twenty miles to change a light bulb.
That’s when she pulls out a ten from her purse and tells me I can pay her back when I get paid.
See how it is around here.
I am at the bottom of the pile.

That’s fine, I take my uncle to the lab and we find no less than sixty people ahead of us which meant it was going to be a LOOOOOOOONG morning.
There were so many people my uncle and I had to stand by the door.

An hour went by and it seemed like we weren’t getting any closer to our goal.
This is when an old man well into his nineties came around the corner after going for his blood test and as he got closer to the door my uncle reached out and opened it for him.
The old man stopped, looked at my uncle who is eighty-five himself and said, “Thank you sonny” then stepped out of the office.

I thought it was funny hearing the old man call my uncle sonny but I guess age wise, he was right.
That little episode made the rest of the wait move much faster.

Have a nice weekend



MD said...

amusing story:) i like old people
you are a good kid and your mom is an angel...

reminds me of my mom, who is now two thousand miles away from me...

Boxer said...

funny how parents STILL volunteer their kids out no matter what the age... I know it means she's extremely proud of you, but I understand the wish to be asked.

LOVE the image of two old guys helping each other out.

Peter said...

Its all relative Walker.

gab said...

sounds like our family just because I can drive and my kids are gone I can do it...or because my hubby is so smart and can figure out most stuff they volenteer him to every one! LOL been there done that soo how is everything?

PBS said...

That's so good of you to help out your family. But it would be nicer to be actually asked first! Cute about your 80-some year old uncle getting called "Sonny"!

Smokey's Daughter said...

I always call people "kids" like Hi Kids how ya doin? Thing is most of them ARE just kids. Thanks for the smile!!