blue moon (2)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hot Water ©

Sigh, where do I begin?
Do you really care?
Let’s see.
Nine days ago I am sitting here watching the news when the doorbell goes off.
I’m thinking, Jehovah Witnesses.
I go over and it’s these guys going around taking advantage of the governments rebate plan for going green and asking home owners if they want to switch over to gas or maybe upgrade to a better unit.
Me, I have been itching at the bit to get a deal on switching to gas from electricity because I am tired of opening my bill and seeing over $300 electric bill.

They come in and inspect the current tank and then do some measuring before we go upstairs where they crunch the numbers.
They said they can do it at no cost to me.
Perfect I say so lets do it.
They call in the shop and talk to the lady then they pass the phone to me.
She says they can install it the next day but because its electric there will be a $169+tax to disconnect it from the board.

I tell her fine but then said if they come the next day I will have it disconnected.
I can get it done for free.
She said great, we hung up I shook hands with flip and flop and out the door they went.

I pick up the phone and my brother’s friend who is an electrician was coming over to disconnect the water heater.
Perfect, I hung up the phone turned and the door bell went off.
I walk over and there she was.
A 80 year old lady from the Jehovah Witness.

The next day when they came to install the water heater the old one was disconnected and the wires completely removed.
Thirty minutes in, they come and say that the water heater is to tall and the can’t put in a 50 gallon tank but a 40 should fit.
Perfect, put it in.
Ah you don’t have one in the truck but you can bring one the next day.
I say go for it…..what?
I got to move the plumbing to the other side of the basement.
I see.
Yeah go ahead and call it in and find out how much.

Say what, $400, uh huh ok, I will get it done by tomorrow.
I have a friend who is a plumber who will do it cheap for me.
So they left and the next day they will be back to do the installation.
I went out to buy the supplies and in the morning my friend showed up and moved all the plumbing across the room.

Around 5pm that evening two new guys, a skinny little Asian and a skinner nerdy one showed up from the same company with a new tank and went down to the basement each armed with a pad and calculator.
They measured everything and said the 40 gallon wouldn’t fit either but they were 100% sure a 30 would.
I’m thinking pretty soon I will be bathing in a teacup.
They said they would be in the next day.

I need a shower
The next day around noon the phone rings and there is this Indian guy based in New Deli telling me there are no 30 gallon tanks left in the warehouse.
How the hell do you know?
Great they farm the shipping and receiving to India to now.
He tells me not to worry that they were going to get me one the next day.
Perfect, it’s always perfect.

The next day comes and goes with no one showing up of phoning as did the one before.
On the sixth day I called them and they said they were still looking for a water heater.
I told them I haven’t had hot water for seven days now.
They asked me why I had no hot water.

Right there I knew I was in trouble
I told them that they had asked me to cut the old one off and to move the plumbing for the new one.

It’s day nine and still no hot water heater.
I can see how this is helping the environment.

Go green but invest in nose plugs, sniff sniff whoa……

Have a nice day



Monogram Queen said...

I just hope you get your new water heater! Nice to see you haven't lost your 'touch' :)

Boxer said...

GRRRRRRRRRR. We had several companies come by the office last Summer with some green scheme for lightbulbs and our Government. I threw them out, but they came to the back door and my business partner let them in. The lights they put in were crap and was pissed. I was just annoyed and I reminded him.... you usually do get what you pay (or don't) pay for.

BlazngScarlet said...

Hire a lawyer .... they need to be sued!

BikerCandy said...

I hope you have hot water by now my friend! If not, take a water hose and strip down in the yard and start hosing yourself off. When the police show up to arrest you for public indecency refer them to the 1-800 number you have and just tell them, "I figured this was what they meant by going green! I'm bathing and watering the yard all at once."