blue moon (2)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pulling My Gunn ©

Midnight, another year gone by.
Where the fuck does time fly.
WHEN does it fly by?
I mean most times I am so busy I don’t notice it but there are times I am so fucken bored , I can’t wait for it to go by.

I poured me the last shot of Ardbegs into the glass.
I have been saving it for months now.
At $130 a bottle, (cheaper in the States, fucken taxes).I make it last and this last shot turned two today.
Well, 13 if you count the ten years in the casket and the year on the shelf where Inia grabbed it for me two years ago.

1959, t’was an interesting year.
Mack the knife was the number one song.
The Battle of New Orleans was number two.

Talk about two polar opposites styles finishing that close.
I guess you could say it was a transition point in the history of man at that stage.
We reached the peak of the 50’s and were on the home stretch to the very top so we could tumble over into the 60’s.
No one remembers the 60’s.
The Hippies were to stoned to remember and those that weren’t, don’t want too.

Venus was number 3 by Frankie Avalon, I wonder if he was thinking of Connie Francis

Lonely Boy by Paul Anka was number 7.
Did I tell you when he was a teen he worked as a dishwasher at the restaurant my father worked in.
The old man said he was a smart ass and more then once found himself upside down being dunked in the dirty dish sink.

Donna was number 18 by Ritchie Valens
Sea of Love was 20th by Phil Philips but the Honey Drippers did a better job of it I think.
Totally my opinion.
Some people love listening to chicken scratch.

Dream Lover was number 25, Bobby Darin trying to explain why he masturbates in his sleep.

Connie Francis was 45th with Lipstick on your collar.
I think after 52 years we can finally admit the truth Connie.
The lipstick really wasn’t on the color now was it?
Bad Frankie.

Peter Gunn theme by Ray Anthony was 67th , hmmm maybe I should make it my theme but the Henri Mancini version.
Walker pulling his gun theme.

Number 100 was This Friendly World by Fabian.
Where the fuck do you live buddy?
Explains why its 100.

There were many more.
Elvis, Jan and Dean, Fats Domino and more.
It was a battle ground of different types of music vying for our hearts and imagination and when the smoke cleared we had Cheech and Chong, works for me.

I wish all our battles could be as sweet or bitter even bittersweet and entertaining as the words from the lips of our troubadours.

Have a nice weekend



poet said...

Happy Birthday :) all the best and some hugs, poet

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby!
Love you very much ....


Walker said...

poet: Thank you :)

Walker said...

Inia: Thank you, Stalker :P
Love you too :)

Peter said...

Happy Birthday Franki err Walker. Just where was that lipstick?