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Thursday, January 13, 2011

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It’s a crazy, crazy world and I am stuck in the middle of it.

My daughter’s walking down the street listening to her Ipod with one earpiece hanging and the other one in her ear.
Her eyes constantly scanning around at any person walking down the street, ready to jump and run if they made any sudden moves.

It seems there is this guy out there in this city who is stalking women in their 20’s that are walking down the street listening to their MP3 players.
As the unsuspecting woman walks down the street listening to the latest Lady Gaga hit, he runs up behind her and whacks her in the head with a hammer then runs off.
He doesn’t steal nothing, or sexually assault them.
He just whacks them over the head and runs away.

What the fuck is that?
A human with rabies and instead of water that makes him go crazy it’s young women listening to music?
And this isn’t an isolated incident.
He’s a serial whacker.
I thought this shit only happened in figure skating competitions.
For three days in a row this guy, in broad daylight right down town took a weapon out and clobbered a chick and got away.

Three days and the cops don’t get this guy.
I go downtown once every 4 months or so and I get a fucken ticket.
They find me alright, so why can’t they find him?

You spend a good part of your life worrying your kids with all the murders and rapists out there and not we have nuts running around playing Maxwell’s silver hammer goes ding dong on your noggin.
Fucken world is becoming a damn asylum.

We do our best to protect our kids.
Why shouldn’t we, they are part of us.
Our flesh and blood.
The nine months the poor mother had to carry around that ten-pound sperm growing between her legs.

The horror of giving birth.
I know I was there.
The blood and umbilical cord lashing out wrapping itself around the pretty blonde nurse’s throat then squeezing until her bra popped open exposing her big tits.
Yup, only my kid pops out hungry and doesn’t care whose food she’s eating.

All the diapers and clothes.
Baby furniture and fuck, shit load of stuff.
Thousands of dollars of stuff you buy to keep you offspring healthy and safe.
But it’s not really your offspring.
Well that’s what some people are trying to do now.
They are saying your don’t own your kids.
This all came about from spankings.

You see you are not allowed to spank your kids anymore because that assault and you can go to jail for that.
Now using the assault thing they are trying to take title away of your kids.
So if we don’t own our kids then who does because I have one hell of a fucken bill for them.
Oh, some one owes me a couple of million bucks at least.
I won’t even try to add up what you owe me for the heartache alone.

I don’t believe in corporal punishment.
I never spanked my kids but if some whack their kids in the butt to get it's attention I don’t see nothing wrong with it.
I don’t think you should pull out a bull whip and carve up the little bastard for playing tic tac toe with the Ginsu knife on the brand new couch but a swat on the ass so say look what you did.
You always start in the middle you little fucker.

Your kid breaks a window and the cops are hauling your ass off to pay for it but if you spank him after, you go to jail because, well, you just can’t go around spanking someone else’s kid right?

Should move down to Texas, I think you’re allowed to shoot your kids there?
My father never spanked me.
He beat the fuck out of me with whatever he could get his hands on.
In the beginning it used to be easy for me because I was young and naïve.

He’d go, “Hey Walker, be a good little boy and go get me my belt from the bedroom”, Like a good little boy I ran off to get him the belt and when I gave it to him he’d beat the shit out of me for something I did hours earlier.
After one or two more times of sending me into the bedroom to get his belt I got smart and refused to go.
He’d give me an angry look and say” Fine, go to the kitchen and bring me the broom”.
Off I would run.
By the time I hit sixteen I had learned to think on my own and when he said, ”Walker, go get me the gun from the closet”, I moved.

Speaking of Texas, did you hear some schools down there are giving tickets to students?
Fuck I laughed my ass off until I kept on reading.
I thought it was a joke but no, it’s not.
I mean 6 year old's are getting tickets for not behaving.
WTF is that
Someone has been smoking the peyote “Wink” “Wink”.
Imagine you sitting at home and your six year old comes home and hands you a ticket for 80 bucks because he had a temper tantrum.
Heaven forbid if the kid shits his pants.
Probably get the death penalty and with their current governor, having the sentence commuted to 4 years in time out would be slim to none.

Sounds like a cash grab to me but the ramification could be bad.
I mean this could actually land some kids in juvenile court and be part of their permanent record.
Can you imagine an eight year old with three strikes already?

Who thinks this shit up?
I thought that with time the human race would be getting smarter not dumber.

The world’s gone nuts and we are stuck in the middle of it.

My heart cried today as I watched Christina Taylor Green’s casket being carried to the Hearst.
Born on 9/11 amidst a time of blood, smoke and carnage.
A Phoenix rising out of the ashes to mark a new beginning for her and her family only to be silenced by a fucken nut who will live longer in life and in infamy because of his actions.
I don’t know his name and I refuse to look it up.
I only want to remember the name, Christina Taylor Green.
She is and always be important
The little girl who marked a new beginning, yesterday and today.

I will never relinquish my rights to my kids and if we let the state do something like that then we are all fucked.
They will own your stones the second you are born.

Have a nice day



Puss-in-Boots said...

I totally agree with everything you say, Walker. Not being able to swat your kid's backside because it's "assault" is going to turn around and bite us all on the bum some day. These kids are our future governors, presidents, whatever and if they haven't been disciplined and taught that some things are not acceptable, they will never be disciplined in themselves.

I hope I'm not around to see the results of all this idiotic political correctness.

gab said...

ok so 1 million dollars 's for each kid equals 3,million and then I get to tack on another 4 million for the grandkids I babysit each and every day ecept Sunday...well unless they spend the night on Saturday. so thats at least 7 million they owe me. Then I wanna add on at least another 10, mil for all the crap they put me through just because Im their mom. BS.
Some days I'll gladly give them my kids...other dsys not so much. They are mine for better or worse! Yeah I know thats for marriage but they are part of that marriage so it works. I heard my kids tell some friends that we used to beat em. I say if thats true why are they leaving their kids with me? Now there are days when I wish the hell I had beat them! our oldest son tried that once and we were investigated and they came back with what we said he was PO'd because we wouldnt buy him a Nintendo(the very first one)So he was trying to get back at us. So we learned the hard way even if you do nothing you can be blamed!!!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh so many insights in this post, Walker . . .

I wrote more, but then decided I better delete it ....

always love to see your comments on my blog my friend -you make me laugh! and sometimes blush and giggle... tehehe

Lora_3 said...

Are you bad mouthing Texas?
Hell, I just live here, go right ahead.

Hit girls in the head with a hammer,What? It's cold where you live, dude is totally wacked freezing his ass off just to knock someone in the head. He needs to go back to his Mommy's house and shovel some snow.

Now the whole hitting kids thing is because there is always the ass that takes it too far. One day in the jewelry store I work in a grandmother was kicking at her grandson because he won't listen to her. Totally wrong thing to do! If someone was truly beating their child I know Walker you'd be right there helping me dig a hole to throw them in. LOL But brother I do know where your coming from. Crazy!

miss you!

Be safe...

Boxer said...


good post, as always and I can only imagine that this world must make parents worried about their children, no matter what the age.

Just telling it like it is said...

I've always been a rule breaker going out in socks and saddles I challenge thoughts that don't get it....