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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year ©

It’s what?
Ah man, just when I finally got used to writing 2010 I got to remember to make it 2011 now when I am writing down the date on almost everything you have to sign now a days.

First off

Happy New Year to everyone out there.
I hope you all had a fantastic time.
I know I haven’t been around but I actually, haven’t been around.

So, how were your holidays?
Mine………….were typically Walkerish.
It doesn’t matter where the fuck I go something will happen.
It’s the way it is.
It’s not like I look for weird shit to happen.
It just does.

This year I started the New Year in the States and D2 came along for the ride as long as she could take one of my laptops along to do some of her homework while we were in New York.
She says homework me thinks she wanted to keep in touch with her boyfriend besides I could use it to do a little blogging myself.
The problem is when I did go use it it was either jammed up with her homework and took forever to load or hung like an elephant with a palm tree rammed up its butt.
I couldn’t understand what the fuck was happening.
It’s one of my best and most reliable laptops.
I mean I never really used it but when I bought it off some friend of a friend for practically nothing because it was supposedly broken it was one of the best units out there.

After figuring out what was wrong I cleaned it up the best I could and put it away for a spare when and if it ever came up that I needed a good computer.
So to see it running like a dieing dog it puzzled me.
Then it said it was running out of space.
I know it only has 30 gigs but there was nothing really on it but windows XP and MS Office so there should have been heaps of space so what the hell was D2 loading to fill up the rest?
I call her over to find out.

She comes over and I ask her what she was downloading and she says some Adobe software to use for a school project, something to do with making a movie.
I look at the download and its one gig.
Fuck, why is everything so damn big?
But still, it wasn’t enough to fill the rest of the hard drive so I went in to look for what was one there.

I open up documents and look at the folder in there.
By passing the cursor over each one it tells me how big it is and the bigger the more I want to know why.
D2 was sitting right there next to me as Inia was five feet away in the kitchen.
There’s this one folder called Home that was fifteen gigs.
I asked D2 what was in that file and she said she didn’t know.
So I opened it to see what was in there and as it sprung open we looked and both of us sat straight up.

I look at her, “What kind of fucken movies are you making”?
OMG, that’s not mine I don’t use that folder I use the Walker folder”!!!!!!!
“What the fuck do you mean you only use the Walker, you are the only one that has been using this computer since I got it”.
"What the hell have you been downloading”?

Inside the folder were a bunch of movies.
One was gay porn with two black guys screwing on the thumbnail.
The one next to it was a thumbnail showing a dog fucking some ugly fat broad.
I quickly closed the folder and looked at her shocked face.

“Well, explain this”?
“I told you it’s not mine”.
“Maybe it’s your, it is you computer”.
"Well it is your computer".
Inia is in the living room rolling around the floor in laughter.

I told D2 to go sit on the other side while I took care of the file.
I looked into the properties and it showed that it was created five years ago well before I had gotten it so I must have missed that file when I was cleaning it up thinking it might have been part of the windows because of its name.

Later it was all funny thinking about it but at the time, I think we were both more shocked than laughing.
Well I am back home now.
Inia’s at work and all the kids at school and me, just sitting here quietly typing this as I watch the laptop format.
Fuck that, I’m not taking any more chances and wait when I see they guy I bought this from.

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

Well, it could've been worse. I guess. Well, maybe not. Unless she innocently opened the files in her class. Still, it's bad enough a sex scene in an R rated movie with your parent sitting next to you, let alone ones that are

itisi said...

Just look on the bright side of the whole thing.
At least it wasn't Inia's kids sitting next to you looking on.