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Monday, December 20, 2010

How Much? ©

Jingle Bells
Santa smells
A million miles away.

Oh what fun
It is to throw
All this money away.

That’s what happens when you follow a herd of reindeer all over the place.
How’s the shopping going?
Bloody hell, it’s getting fucken expensive.
Everything you want to buy you have to mortgage next year to afford it

I remember stories about how people used to get an orange for Christmas

now it’s an apple.

For the orange all you had to do was reach up and pull one down as opposed to cutting the tree down to sell for wood to buy an Apple.
The orange represents the thought.
The Apple represents, not thinking, unless you’re getting the Apple then thumbs up, you scored large.
The question is do you feel like Santa or Saint Nick?

What’s wrong with making gifts like they used to before Mattel and Barbie showed up?
They would probably last longer than the crap they sell today in stores in fact I would rather someone knit me a scarf than buying me one.
For one it means more and it would probably be warmer.
D1 is building a toy box for her cousin at school.
I couldn’t believe she took wood shop this year and decided to make everyone’s gift this Christmas.

I think that’s great.
I told her she can make Inia a back scratchier like this.

Inia will go bonkers over it as she scratches her inch when I’m not around.

It’s cheaper to make things than to go into debt trying to buy what you can’t afford.
Why spend $700

when with a little sweat and a saw you can bring this cheaper version home.

and with a little handy work you can get it to squat too

Ipods, playstations, TVs, laptops….the lists are long and expensive.
I’m not shy to say I can’t afford to drop five grand on gifts for sixteen people.
I don’t know how some people do it but this boy can’t and won’t.

Over the years I have learned ways to circumvent some of the cost of the big ticket items.
Sales are great for some things but for some it still isn’t worth it like TVs.
I wouldn’t buy a used TV especially the new LCD or Plasma TVs.
They don’t have a great life span so buying them new is the best way to go but for things like games I prefer to buy from places like KIJIJI.
You get great deals from parents whose kids have no more use for their game consoles.
It’s recycling without throwing money to the big box stores.

I have done most of my shopping this year except for a few last minute items I need to pick up.
Even with careful shopping a lot was spent but I must admit for what I spent I got a lot for my money.
The kids will be happy as will everyone else.

Giving is supposed to make you feel good.
I know it makes me feel good but when you are pressured to give more than you can, then it’s not what you should be doing.
I was given a list of possible gifts.
I was given a list but no one asked me for one.
Funny how that works eh?

My advice to anyone who may want it is to shop how you feel and in the end you will feel good.
I know I do.
It’s all apples and oranges in the end anyway.

Have a nice day



Shana said...

I agree with you.

Second hand stores and garage sales is where this years Christmas gifts will end up.

People have too much stuff anyway. I did the way of the gift cards this year.... and bought a lot of them all year long to spread out the money-spending!!

(I want a back scratcher like that!!)

BlazngScarlet said...

I want a backs cratcher like that too!

Everything my oldest wanted this year was just way too expensive.
So, he gets what I can afford .... and like it! lol

Just telling it like it is said...

You know what I am going against the man about buying Christmas gifts...I give all year so why do I need a Santa....Let's just all get over the propaganda...anyway nipple flash and thank you for being with me so long...I have read all the changes to your blog and I still think you are great....coarse I'll never admit that if I come to Canada...I'll fake amnesia

Kathryn Magendie said...

Hear Hear! :-D

*clap clap clap*


a Big Fat Christmas Kiss *muwah* to you . . .

Peter said...

You are right about Apples being to expensive... stick to Oranges, Have a great Christmas and 2011.