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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shakin All Over ©

I was sitting here getting ready to write a post about a recent fire bombing in this city by a group of anarchists calling themselves FFFC, I think it’s short for (Fools For Free Castration).
They firebombed a branch Bank of Royal after they were refused a loan for a mass sex change.
The bank sighted their lack of enough assets to secure such a loan.
Maybe be down the road when they grew enough balls and maybe found some fucken brains.
Not only did they bomb the bank but they videotaped it for You tube.

Sure, give the cops more evidence.
They didn’t have to tape it there are a gazillion cameras in that area and I am sure they will be on Canada’s most fucked list soon enough.

I have a big pair of shears.
Free castration.
I may even sharpen them.
Maybe not.
Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

I can think of many ways to protest without blowing up things but this is what you get from people who don’t have the balls to stand out in the open to fight for their cause but hide under the shadow of darkness like every other sniveling coward.
Probably scared their mothers will find out and put them in the corner for time out.

Also goes to show you how cheap they are.
Can’t even build a decent bomb and probably had to pool their pennies for a quart of gas.
Word on the street is that they had tried to siphon the gas out of a parked car but they couldn’t find the gas cap so they had to buy some and a Bic lighter.
Maybe it would help next time if you didn’t pick an electric car.

Oh…….hold on
Just in.
They have been arrested.
They were all arrested at the hospital.
Seems that their leader came up with an old idea for a new problem.
On mass they tied a nylon thread to a doorknob and the other end around their balls then slammed the doors.

Oddly, this worked better for castration than it did for the pulling of teeth.
Three new bitches on their way to the penitentiary.

As I was finishing this post in my head it started getting all rattled up in there.
I’m thinking, WOW great pot.
Then the chair started rolling down the hallway as Frick ran to hide in Brad Pitts cave.
Bubbles and BB were hiding in the weeds.
My mother next door sick as she was, was hanging ten on the banister and she flew down the stairs and outside to get out before the house fell down.

An hour ago we got hit by an earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale, not as powerful as the 7.5 when Inia has an orgasm but still enough to send fear through people outside on the street.

This city is built on bedrock and when the earth shakes, the whole world shakes violently and not side-to-side shaking.
The house was going up and down.
We were thirty miles from the epicenter.
Cell phones went down, as did the Internet until a little while ago.
We don’t normally get them here but when we do, it’s party time.

The whole city, tens of thousands of people are out on the streets drinking beer and talking about the great quake of 2010.
Yup, that’s us, anything to have a beer.

Well, all I can say is, they can’t blame my family on this one HA HA HA!!!!!!!

Have a nice day



BlazngScarlet said...

I'm glad to see that 'stoopid' criminals exist is friendly Cana(bis)da as well.

The earth moved for you did it?
And I wasn't even there .... ;D

I hope your Mother feels better.
Tell her to stop stairway surfing, it's dangerous (ask my kids!).

Robyn said...

hello hello walker! It has been ages but life has well been rough on this gal! But I am back and glad! missed ya friend!

Heff said...

Amazing. Yeah, If THEY hadn't filmed it, someone else would have. You can't fart in public these days without somebody catching it on video.