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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pardon The Nuts ©

HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!
Life is playing a joke on me.

A number of years ago I applied and was refused a pardon because as the return letter said” We do not believe that you have reformed and or ever will”.
Interesting words.

Seems we used to hire clairvoyants back then.
Bad ones but they could see the future just the same.
Today it’s another story.
This is the part that intrigues me.
People intrigue me and if there are shapely legs and nice tits involved well then, I may even get Charley to twitch a little.

Something has come to light that has left me dumbfounded.
Most of you know I wasn’t a model citizen growing up and in fact a drug dealer and many other things that involved making money illegally, without paying taxes way back in my youth.
Pissed off the cops a lot too.

It was wrong according to the laws society has put in place and I admit I knowingly broke them.
Every day for thirty years until one day, well there is always ONE day, when I was finally caught marking the end of my destruction.

Convictions were, trafficking narcotics (hash), assaulting a police officer (Asshole), obstructing justice (Using one of my numerous alias’) and a handful of possession charges for being caught with hash on a number of occasions.
That’s not including my juvenile record, which I may add was brilliant even if I have to say so myself.
In total over those thirty years I did about three months in jail.

Why did it take so long to catch me and why I got so little time, because I wasn’t out there hurting people?
My business was in bars where adults partied and most of my clientele were friends but you can’t always get away with it and I didn’t.

Ten years later and a mountain of money spent on an education I applied for a pardon and they sent that little excerpt to me.
I figure, fine and let it go and move on.

It’s been fifteen years since I applied for that pardon.
Why am I thinking about it today?
I am thinking about it because today I found out that our parole board that also takes care of pardons, in their wisdom have pardoned a pedophile.
This piece of shit that molested kids was a minor league coach who sexually assaulted kids that were entrusted to him.
For years he terrorized the teens that he coached.
Some became well known NHL players.
He got a fucken pardon for these crimes.

Who the fuck is on the damn parole board?
What is it, it’s the pedophiles turn to sit on the board and they decided to give one of their own a pat on the ass and a walk.
This pardon allows this piece of shit to hide from what he has done and even get a job among kids without anyone knowing that he is a monster.

I want his fucken pardon.
It doesn’t even have to go to me, I just want them to take it back and give it to someone else.
They said they don’t believe “I” will ever reform but they think this garbage has.
I want them to lock the members of that pardon board in a room with the victims and their families for an hour.
A tube of K-Y won’t hurt but why give them a break.

What the fuck are we becoming when we start pardoning pedophiles for committing one of the most heinous crimes there is in our modern society.
Isn’t it enough that we don’t cut their balls off and stuff them with hot coals?
Hell we put them in a special safe jails so no one hurts them and then offer them better health care than the general public receives.
Better help than his victims got and he will get that for life while the victims only have the nightmares.

Hold on….


Pardon me while I try and knock my senses out of whack so that I can see the light to this thought.
Nope, still smells like fucken shit to me.

This may have been condoned back in the Dark Ages or medieval times but we are SUPPOSED to be more enlightened and compassionate today.
We are supposed to be more humane not more fucken stupid and compassionate to the monsters of our day.

Maybe we should elect him prime minister and get that other murdering cocksucker Clifford Olsen to be governor general.
They could have gangbangs with the Pages up in Parliament or at Queens park.
Hell let’s throw in a couple of Catholic priests with a few alter boys and we may even be able to get the pope in on the party to bless a fucken ass or two before the slaughter.

I’m sick and tired of this shit.
There is nothing I despise more than pedophiles.
They had the head exorcist of the Catholic Church in an interview and he said, “They are not possessed by the devil but have lost their way”.

Lost their way?
They find their way up some boy’s crack real easy.
He said they need help.
Way to go head exorcist, we only thought of burning them at the stake not helping him.
Fine stop hiding them and pass them over, we’ll help them.
There are a whole bunch of lifers looking for some fresh meat and a priest would be oh so juicy for them, especially after the slit his fucken throat to lube his fucken ass.
But if they survive, we’ll give them a pardon.

I know, I am being very colorful today but you see I have a couple of friends who were lucky enough to have to have their prostates blessed by the father, the son and not so much of a holy ghost while incarcerated in a juvenile facility run by the Catholic Church.
They entered as kids and exited as psychotic animals.

Government and religion are the real scum of society with our leaders as the grand masters of these cults to use us, and ours for fodder to feed their perversions.

The government is now saying they have to revamp their system for pedophiles.
Fuck that, they have to look at the system as a whole and modernize it as society has changed from when it was first put in place hundreds of years ago.

The Catholic Church says nothing or nothing relevant.
They will deal with any small indiscretions within their little pedophile cult.
That's how they got into this trouble.
Playing with the small indiscretions and got caught.

If found guilty, the accused will have to say 20 hail marries and jerk off the pope every day for a week before bed time.
I am pretty sure it doesn’t say fuck thy neighbor’s son in the bible.

To me, my opinion, the Catholic Church is no more than a haven for pedophiles from what I see unfolding throughout the world.
Brazil, Germany, Ireland, here a number of years ago and in the states and they say this is only the tip of the scandal.

This doesn’t look that good for Christians around the world does it?
Even if you’re not Catholic, they represent more than half the Christians in the world and are hurting this religion as a whole.

It’s not enough we have armies around the world proclaiming god is on their side as they butcher people in battle and now we have to have priests molesting kids in god’s house.
Tell me; is god on their side too?
If he is, then the Vatican is right in defending them but if god is not on their side then why is the Vatican protecting them for?
This is where they should be bridging the gap with their followers not knocking down bridges.
What is this telling the Christians of the world?
That there are rules for them and another set for us or are they just a bunch of fucken hypocritical perverts?

I don’t think all Catholic priests are like this but by keeping this hidden, it’s the same as condoning it, which makes them no better and all guilty of the same crime in the eyes of the law and god, if you believe in god.

In a world where people flock to their religions for comfort and hope in uncertain times of unrest, the last thing they need is their last refuge polluted by this sort of thing.

It’s time they stood up for what they preach stand by us for a change.
It’s time they overhauled the Catholic Church as well and maybe let their priests marry and allow for female priests.
Allow the law of the land to deal with the garbage and maybe they can once again earn the trust of their flock.

Government and church need to get together on this issue to put the faith back in our society and our churches instead of showing us they are above the law.
Either we are all equal and worthy of their respect or maybe its time we decided to clean house on our own.
This has to be done, if anything to keep them honest in the future.
I find this whole thing fucken disgusting.
Why doesn’t it disgust them?
Do they accept this shit?
I don’t.
No one should and they need to answer for this without excuse.

Giving pardons to pedophiles, give me a fucken break
We’re already in hell and heavens looking like a dungeon.
These are my own opinions.

Have a nice day



Peter said...

C'mon Walker, tell us how you feel about this!!!!!
And what's more I agree with what you have written 100%, its time the laws of the land and of the church were brought up to date (no pun intended)

Megan said...

I wrote this great comment and then your blog crashed my computer.

Or maybe my computer just crashed while I was here.

But I'm blaming it on you because it was a good comment.

Anonymous said...

According to one article I read about the case, "Any criminal can apply for a pardon within three to five years after a sentence has been served, depending on the severity of the crime. Most applications are successful. Of the 14,748 applicants for a pardon in the year this pedophile received his, only 0.7% were rejected, fewer than one person for every 100."

Those are just plain crazy stats. Even his original sentence was crazy...3.5 years. Meanwhile, the victims of his crime are still dealing with the ramifications of what he did to them.

Walker said...

Peter: The system is so archaic in many countries it doesn't address the needs or concerns of today's public.
Especially when a dangerous offender can get a pardon.

Walker said...

Megan: I know the feeling but did you know if you refresh the comment box it will publish the lost comment because its still in the cache

Walker said...

Skye: now you make me feel special. 7% don't get one and I am in that group.
Who knew selling pot is worse than molesting kids, go figure.

Anonymous said...

Not 7%, 7/10 of a I was thinking, "what did that say about Walker," but I purposely kept that comment to myself, hoping you wouldn't catch on :)

Walker said...

Skye : Sure go ahead and make me feel even better, sheesh

itisi said...

Revise this post to put it into third person talking and send it to the parole board.
Assholes that they are!!

Walker said...

itisi: I rather drive through their office with a Mach truck loaded with manure and bury them in it

Boxer said...

give me a fucking break is right.