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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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But I don’t want to damn it.
I’m watching the Olympics.
But, but the women’s figure skating is on.

Inia’s bugging me that I haven’t posted.
Did you see the dance last night?
There are strippers that fainted when they saw the flexibility of some of those girls.
Fuck…………………… and the costumes hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm.

There was some controversy with the Russian teams costume and routine.
They resembled the Australian aboriginal peoples markings as did some of the music.
I missed their performance at the Olympics, I was watching hockey but I looked online and found them at the worlds performing while wearing the controversial outfits.
I also found a lot of the commentary aimed towards them.

The aboriginal people in Australia are offended and causing a ruckus.
The Russian dancers are saying it's not really about the aboriginal people of Australia but a collage of different cultures all thrown together.

Now I am no expert on the Australian aboriginal people but I have seen a few documentaries on them, not to mention movies like Crocodile Dundee, one and two, Australia, Quigley Down Under and a few others to know that ummmmm yes, the marking on the outfits were taken from the aboriginal people of Australia so stop lying.

That being said I watched their program and couldn’t see why everyone was offended other than the outfits looked fucken stupid.
We live in a world where we emulate what we see.
We follow fashion and trends.
When River Dance came out everyone was Irish and dancing/tripping all over the place.
We dress like our heroes.
Act like them.
We mock and flatter them with our attempts to imitate who they are.
Every year I go to the Greek festival and watch people pretending they are Greek while having a great time.
It’s the same at the Italian, Lebanese and Chinese festivals.

We see people on TV or real life pretending they are what they aren’t and we cheer them on then applauded them.
I watched them skate and they skated better than I ever would.
I almost became a figure skater.
Did you all know that?
Yeah, the coach sent me out to do a figure eight and when I was done it look like a figure 927589284233.
I seems I was cut out to be a hockey player instead.

Their program wasn’t educational by any means and like I said their outfits were stupid to look at, in my opinion but they were entertaining to watch and that’s what this is, entertainment on skates.
It’s their steppingstone to the Ice Capades.

If they were to say they were depicting the aboriginal people of Australia then they deserve all the negative media they get but they’re not.
The only thing they are guilty of in my opinion is bad taste.

As a Spartan I could be offending on how 300 portrayed one of my ancestors Heroes but I can’t because I understand its nothing more than entertainment and Frank Miller never said it was the story of the 300 Spartans but loosely based on a true event.
In fact, Greeks embraced the movie as it shone some light on their proud heritage.

In a free world, we have freedom of expression.
I’m sorry the aboriginal people of Australia were offended but that’s what happens when you are noticed.
Welcome to the rest of society.

So I am to immersed in the Olympics to actually sit down to write a post.
Team Canada lost to the USA in hockey.
Canadian’s played great.
The Americans sucked but Miller, the U.S goalie rocked the foundation.
My Canadians couldn’t get past Miller if their life depended on it.
I mean the guy must be a Indian deity or something because I tell you the boy has more arms and legs than a school of octopi to stop the shots he did.
Shots on goal were 45 to 23 and we lost.
That should tell you who won that game, Miller.

When I am not watching curling or hockey I am watching the wild bunch on the slopes racing down four at a time.
Fuck, I don’t ski and I know I don’t want to do what this bunch do.
Spills and thrills with smiles all around.
The Olympics were started thousands of years ago as a way to avoid war and countless deaths.
Where countries gather with their warriors to show theirs strengths and abilities while competing in events, many of which trace their origins back to ancient times and the art of war.

So yeah, I am lost to the Olympics for another weeks and then I will have to wait for March madness to start.
I miss football……………

Have a nice day



Anonymous said...

I'm with you and what seemed to be all the commenters on the youtube video, I don't see how it could be seen as offensive. It may even get people to want to learn more about the Aboriginal people and what they've been through, which in the end, will help their cause. I remember a couple years ago watching a movie called, Rabbit Proof Fence that that was the kind of reaction I had. Visual Art does that.

Walker said...

As entertainment its is what it is.
As an educational morsel, it's nothing but incorrect.

We tend to use what we have to express ourselves.
Most if not all of the picture I use i take from online sources without asking for permission.

Sports teams like the Indians, Redskins, Senators, Eskimos etc. are chosen not to offend but as a symbol to rally around.

People need to chill and enjoy life not look for ways to make it more difficult.

Monogram Queen said...

I miss football too - alot!

oh and i'm always ready! ha! ha!

Peter said...

They sure can skate...They sure looked ridiculous... There sure was an Australian aboriginal flavor to their routine... SO WHAT!!!!!!!
The modern day Australian aboriginal is NOT particularly hard to offend.
They should appreciate being made look good by the superb skating.

BlazngScarlet said...

Righteous indignation when it suits their purpose.
I hate Political Correctness.

The routine itself was fabulous.
The costumes, and the costumes of some of the other skaters though were ridiculous.

BlazngScarlet said...

By the way, are you becoming a fashion Diva?
Just curious ... second post talking about the costuming of the athletes.

itisi said...

I would like to puck you. :)

Kathryn Magendie said...

Okay, was going to write up this comment, and then I look up and see itisi's comment and burst out laughing and forgot what I was going to say *LAUGHING*.....

lawd! haw!

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I bet Syacy like you always being ready or is it you that wakes him up :P

Walker said...

Peter: I have never understood people who can't accept popularity especially after they strive to be noticed.
The Russians are talented skaters but as we all saw there are other more talented

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: Only for the stating world

Some of the costumes were stupid.
I thought it was all about the skating and the flow of the music but I guess the fashion world wants a piece of the action.
Now if they could try making some with their eyes open

Walker said...

itisi: What can I say, I am so puckable

Walker said...

Kathryn Magendie: Did it involve you nakked on the porch reading a book?