blue moon (2)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In The Morning ©

In the morning when we wake up
We see the sun rise on a new day
A new year with new times to see
Memories to revisit down the road

With every ray of sunshine
We skate to the center of the universe
Holding hands and dreaming
Dreaming of a better year

Searching for things we don’t know or understand
Looking for love, maybe hope
Maybe peace of mind
Or just plain old fashion peace

At the dawn of reality
Warm rays touch your face, your soul
Once more igniting desires we neglected
Put aside for one reason or another

To walk outside naked among the glory of life
To spin with the euphoric simple pleasures of living
Enjoying the delights you allow yourself to consume
The pleasures you forgot existed

In the morning when dry tears have turned to sand
The sun is brightest
In the morning we see it the way it’s meant to be seen
In all it’s glory

We will bath in sunlight
Cry when it sets
When it slips away
Smile when we wake up in the morning

Come, come lay down with me
Let’s watch as the smoke rises to the stars
In the morning when we wake up
We can shower in its rays once more



awareness said...

Mornings always hold such blissful hope. May we always recognize what is important in our lives....more importantly.......who is important.
Your post made me smile Walker. Thank you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a beautiful poem, Walker. I love mornings, especially in the summer when it's light at 4.30. I go outside and the only sound is the birdsong. It seems as if the whole world belongs to me...

Michael Manning said...

Quite nice!

BikerCandy said...

Very nice.