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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dishing It out And Raking It In ©

Tis the season to be greedy and stupid fa la la la la, la la, la,la

I’m a traditional kind of guy.
I like to eat my pussy first before I fuck it, then when I’m done just lay back and pamper my pleasure.
I think it’s more enjoyable that way.

It’s like Christmas.
I love looking to find things for people during Christmas then watching their face when they see it and know it’s theirs.
Then they spend the rest of the night keeping it polished and new.
Well, most do.
Some look at the weird thing they got for Christmas and try to fond a way to hide from it without anyone noticing.

Those are the gifts that usually get returned after Christmas but some people may be in for a surprise.
Some stores are breaking with tradition and found some Christmas cheer for their season by playing the Grinch that took back Christmas after he sold it to you.

I heard this the other day.
Say you bought someone a gift and said person didn’t like it for some reason and wanted to return it for something else or the money,
Some stores now charge from as little as 15% all the way up to 60% of the cost of said item to be restocked on the shelf.

So if you bought someone a gift for a hundred bucks and that person returned it, they would loose fifteen to sixty bucks as a restocking fee.
Fuck off, that’s insane.
Most people go out and buy gifts on the assumption the people they are shopping for will like them but there is a chance they won’t or may already have one or three if everyone else thought like you.
Who needs three toasters, so you would return two of them but in the end you may walk away with less than it would cost to buy one back the next day.

I can understand a time limit for returning items after the holidays because some things are subject to sales pre and post holidays then prices will vary down the road but to charge a restocking fee is ridiculous if it’s done within a specific time frame.

This is supposed to be a happy season, a time of year when many religions and their followers celebrate the act of giving, not receiving (Supposedly).
Retail stores take in a lot of business this time of year and reap the rewards so why do they have to start charging for returns.
I would think that accepting returns straight up would be part of the service these places provide.

What I see happening is people buying gift certificates more instead of going out to these stores to do any shopping.
Actually, many people I know and myself included are buying items online instead of going out to fight the crowds.

You would think that with all the business the retail outlets are loosing to online shopping they would be a little smarter in how they treat their customers.
Some stores have a clientele that have been going to them with their kids all their lives and when you start loosing that business you have no future.

At a time when people are scrounging for every penny to maintain the same lifestyle or existence the last thing they want to do is pay Wally or Beavis 60% to take back something that you don’t want, need or ever would.

Have you ever read the return policy?
Bring a microscope.
You go back and they say it’s in the return policy then flip the one inch price tag over, pull out four magnifying glasses giving you two and using two to line up all four to be able to read the return policy written on the period after the sentence “So long sucker.” below where it says made in China.

So I suggest when you are out Christmas shopping to take the time and understand the return policy.

Before I sign off here I have one more little subject I would like to touch, Political Correctness.

Political Correctness is phrase coined by racists to manipulate people into discriminating against themselves and others of their kind.
I got into a heated argument over this with a friend not to long ago because he says stores are not saying Merry Christmas any more but Happy Holidays instead as to not offend the Muslims.
For one, I hope that’s not the reasons stores do this but to hit all the religious greetings at once with what limited window space most people have to use.
Secondly, every store owner has the right to post what greetings he/she sees fit to post on his or her property.

The argument quickly went from being politically correct to the lords prayer in schools to I was a Muslim lover.
Well, if she has big tits and an ass begging to do a little belly dancing for me under that curtain they wear, then maybe yes I am.

He cursed that this was a Christian country and they were here first but that’s not true.
The good Christians came here and killed the Indians to take what they have now.
He said that was ok because they were only Indians.

In the end I told him to fuck off and he left.
I have no place for people who are to the extreme left or right.
Most of us are lost and confused in the middle with all this politically correct bullshit so let me help you out with a few things.

When you see a friend and know they are Christian you say Merry Christmas even if you are not a Christian.
They are your friend after all.
With people you don’t know you wish them the best for the season.
Just because you can’t tell a persons religion from looking at them doesn’t mean you have to be an ass about it.

Someone not to long ago, a good person and a good Christian insinuated I was asleep and didn’t see what was happening around me.
Basically calling me stupid.
I can assure that person I am not asleep or stupid and see EVERYTHING that is going on around me.
Even the head games you are trying to play with me and everyone else that reads your fascist point of view on political and religious issues.

I find it suspicious when I see someone telling people that they should close the door on certain people because of their religious beliefs when they themselves are immigrants of an opposing religion.

Here in North America we have freedom of speech.
Freedom of religion
Freedoms to EVERYONE that live under our banners
I do NOT care what they do in Iran or Iraq
They have a population that knows what they want and can become what the want to be, be it by pen or sword.

The rights we have are rights we bestow on all those who live among us and not to those outside our borders thus can’t forcefully impose our laws on foreign lands and we can not expect to be treated the same as we are here under another’s rules and laws.
The same goes for those who come here from there.
Here we are like this so don’t try to live as you did because you are in for a rude awakening.

If we are to maintain our rights and freedom we must make sure that we allow ALL peoples to have access to them, governed under the same laws of this land and by NOT putting restrictions on people because you don’t agree with their beliefs.
The church, any religion is not above the law of the land.

When we start putting restrictions on people for their political or religious views then we are taking one more step towards the bonds of slavery.
We will slowly loose our humanity and destroy all the progress we have achieved as a species over the last hundred thousand years until we all end up back in a cave somewhere trying to figure out how to keep warm.

There’s a week left before Christmas and other holidays around the world.
I hope in this time of chaos around the world, people can find the time to stop and think of one thing.
Peace for others.
I want the Muslims to think of peace for the Jews.
The Jews to remember what it’s was like to be hungry and feed the poor.
The poor to find hope and something to believe in too survive.
For the Pope to open up the chafers of time and let us see the truth and free the world from centuries of bias translation.
For governments to find ways for the survival of the human race that doesn’t include self-annihilation.

The world is becoming to small a place to be politically correct.
The truth sets us all free
Seek it and you will be.
Try and hide it and it’s your prison.
We can’t change what we all are just accepting each other under the same rules for who we want to be.
Live and let live.

These have been my wide-awake opinions.
Now I am going back to dozing and letting people live their lives without me interfering in them.

Have a nice weekend



Anonymous said...

Love it when you get all stirred up.

I don't buy anything from stores that have those policies, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So, they will eventually go out of business.

Just telling it like it is said...

That is preposterous charging money for returned gifts...It is inevitable that one will get a really cheesy gift and then what are you forced to wear that Christmas vest every year with the bells and matching earrings..I think not! We have got to take a stand! or I am going to have to re-gift it to the person that gave me the vest in the first place...Noting I thought it was such a great gift now we are twinkies!

Joanna Cake said...

I hope that's a practice that doesnt make it over this side of the pond! How ridiculous!

As to the PC stuff, hear hear! Peace on earth and good will to all men.

Even you, Walker xx

Tamara said...

I couldn't have said it better.I'm like Rodney King "Why can't we all just get along"?
So while we are on the subject of ppl and should be FORCED to go to all our Texas State Prisons and tell everyone what you just said.Cuz where I'm going Dec's all clicks.Muslims hang w/ Muslims....whites w/ whites...hispanics' w/ hispanics..african American w/ african Americans and so on and so on...and that's where I will be going Dec.28th.One big fucking race war.
So tell me something so I don't have to google it.Is Canada a part of this war in Iraq/Iran? I if someone in Canada joined the army..would you stand the chance of getting deployed overseas to Iran or wherever?Just wondering.
I hate that I haven't been up to snuff on whats happening in Walker-world...its just that I've been steady trying to get things in order for Dec.28th when I will prolly be cuffed and sent up the river.Everyone says "think positive",while 3 really good lawyers say "your going up the river" who would you listen to?lol sure has been fun being a part of your blog these few years or so....and I hope for as long as they keep me,you'll be here when I am released.
Or hopefully u will write me there.But if not...I understand.
Keep keeping it real my friend.

Tamara said...

That's one of my favorite songs,btw.
Fitting for this post...that's for sure! ;-}

Monogram Queen said...

Merry Christmas!
I hate returning things after Christmas and will avoid it at all costs!

Walker said...

skye: I get stirred up when someone is trying to steal my money.
I only get what people won't most times.
I ask before hand to get an idea

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: Yes it is and regifting is a perfect5 idea especially if its a ugly color bra and you regift it to a 350 pound guy LOL

Walker said...

Joanna Cake: THe Earth needs a little peace and love for a change because with all the bombs dropping on it it must be severely bruised by now

Walker said...

Tamara: If the lock you up for that they should have another revolution in Texas and throw the fuckers out.
But if they do I will write and you know i will.
I will send pictures of my butt to if i can find it :P

No we are not in Iraq in fact we told G.W. Bush he is on his own but we are in Afghanistan on a UN mission and to to happy about it I must say but we do have obligations to fight terror.
We just don't do personal vendettas.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: I hate returning things to and do my best not to.

BlazngScarlet said...

A re-stocking fee is what it's usually called here.
Either way, it's robbery.
Almost as bad as the damn utility companies and all of their dumbass surcharges.

Legalized robbery.

As for political correctness, I wouldn't know too much about that.
I have been neither political nor correct.

Peter said...

I'm pleased to say that I have no patience with the PC crap that its proponents carry on with... I'll stick with "Merry Christmas Walker" and hope it doesn't offend.