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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bugged Out ©

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how people are and how they act.
I don’t know what it is.
Are the new generations becoming socially stupid and more hypnotrendisized and don’t acquire any social skills other than what should I wear to look cool.

For as long as I could remember I was on the ball.
When I came into a room, crawling or later, walking the first thing I did was know what was happening in that room.
When people talked to me I listened and at the same time absorbed other people reactions to the same conversation or to their own and processed all of that before I answered.

I take time to muddle all of this shit in my head then wait for the calculated answer to come to the forefront of my mind before I open my fucken mouth to speak.
May take a few seconds, minutes if it’s a serious subject but whatever it is I will say what I say when I am ready too not just blurt out shit from my pie hole.

Spontaneous stupidity is a relic from the past I believed we were growing out of but I regress it is mutating into another form.
In the stone age, fifty years ago our parents believed what any idiot told them, mostly because they weren’t that educated and didn’t know better.

Then their kids went to school and started to learn thing that contradicted what they had initially been taught by their parents.
Things like, “Ummmm how come you say I am Greek and my birth certificate says Canadian”?
Typo, hmmmm…maybe
So I guess all those French-speaking Greeks in Quebec would be Freeks.

So as the children of the cavemen grew and became educated in the ways of the world they grew with enlightenment.
The pot helped.
Their quest was to teach the truth to the next generation as it emerged but in their zeal to succeed they failed.

In our own way we have stolen an important piece of survival from our offspring rendering them defenseless out in the world.
Fueled by our fears of not letting them be manipulated as they were they have committed the same act on their kids.
We broke our bonds and then slowly put them on our kids by not allowing them to think on their own.

Every time we sit there and make a decision for our kids, we fail them.
I don’t mean medical stuff and such I mean personal shit.
They have to be able to work things out in their head from a young age so that when they are adults they know how to fucken think before they speak.

From the time they are old enough to understand what they want they should be taught the whys and why nots, then the answer so when they are old enough to understand better they know how to act in different situations.

Before I continue I would like to state that I am not perfect by any means and consider myself a fuck up but I try.

So I am sitting there watching football and the phone rings.
It’s my mother.
She was freaking out about something.
I couldn’t tell what because she was freaking out but I knew it involved D1 because her named was mentioned.
As my mother flipped on the other end another call was coming in, it was D1.
I told my mother I had to let her go because D1 was calling, she got even louder.

I hang up on my mother and say hello to D1.
Lets go back a little.
Just a little, I don’t want to write another epic.
A couple of days ago Alex went to work and came home sick and today was her first day back.

I asked her how it went and she said fine but she found a bug in the food she got from home then told YiaYia and she thinks she is mad.
Gezz, why didn’t she just shoot me first?
I told her to relax and I would call and find out.

I call my mother and she was still yelling on the phone.
She told me her version of event and then she floored me with, “She brought this little insect home wrapped in a white napkin and said it was in her food”.

My mother takes pride in the cleanliness of her house and her food is always fresh.
D1 had left that lunch at work for two days before she went back and ate it.
I asked her if she thought about the insect falling into the sealed container after she opened and put it in the microwave.
She said no she assumed it was there before, but the bug wasn’t cooked I told her, seeing as my father had already shoved it in my face to see.
She took the food directly from the pot and put it in the container.
I tried to explain to her what she did was rude and she was shocked to think it was.

I know she hasn’t been with me for seventeen years but I was hoping logic may have grew some common sense but what I see is something her mother would have done.
She does come and ask me what she should do about issues she has before her and I listen to the whole thing then ask her a few questions pertaining to the subject.
Then she asked me what I think I ask her what does she think and when she tells me I tell her she should do what she thinks is right for her.
It’s a choice she, they all have to make, it’s her life to live not ours to map out for them.
If there were something serious, illegal or dangerous I would offer more than just, “You decide” but outside of that they have to think so that shit like what just happened doesn’t happen.

I try my best not to tell my kids what they have to do.
I show them their options and I don’t decide on their choices.
We are here for guidance, to teach how to do things and why things are done a certain way but not what to do and when.
They get to choose their destiny, we fought for the right to break free of our bonds to find ours so they could be free but we have to let them learn to think first and at a young age so they know how to conduct them selves when we are not around to tell them what to do.
This way they will know how to make a logical decision or at least not walk blindly into something.
If we do it for them all the time, when they do get the opportunity they won’t know how and most times pay for it.
Little mistakes at an early age may prevent bigger ones years down the road.

As I sit here thinking and looking for reasons for this, it all leads back to the same place.
Our kids spend so much time on the computer either emailing or Iming they have slowly forgotten how to properly socialize.
There is more to socializing than just typing skills, of which I don’t have.

There is body language, tone of voice that needs to be taken into account, which you don’t see on line.
Your demeanor changes when facing someone face to face.
Everything you see, hear and feel generates your response differently.
You don’t learn that from the computer but from direct interaction and over the years you have learned how to conduct yourself under different circumstances with various different people or maybe the same person over different circumstances.

A lot of the interactive games being sold today deploy kids from all over the world in a virtual war zone.
Compelling them to choose sides and engage in a battle, a battle that though not real, it carries real implications.
I remember playing cowboys and Indians as a kid and we pretended to shoot each other but at the end of the day we all sat down together as friends laughing about the whole thing.
The next day we would do it again and the others would be the Indians.
With online games there is only the game and the animosity within it.
There is no sitting down after laughing about the strategy used and the result but just getting back in there to get the guy who knocked you out.

Most kids today text, not talk.
I have sat here listening to D1 sit there and say, “ I wonder what she means?” after receiving a text.
I guess something got lost between the letters.
Pick up the fucken phone and call.
It’s fucken free after 7pm and the text costs you ten cents.
See, they don’t think.

Whose fault is that?
We created these little fucken monsters.
The raised them with fear in our hearts and guarded them with tools of convenience.
Computers and game consoles, cell phones and what ever else will keep them busy and close by.

While we sit content they are safe the electronic and game creators are teaching our kids how to act.
I’m not saying they are doing it on purpose but that’s all they see and at their age believe its acceptable.
I’m not saying that these forms of media should be censored or outlawed either because I think they are important in the growth of our children.
If they were taught that in real life things are like this then when they do sit to play a war game they would have a better perspective of what it means and not just something fun to do.
In these games when you get killed you get to come back but not in real life.

We have to step back and start teaching our kids from the start again.
I know I have to and undue what my ex has taught them.
As much as we love our kids we have to let them make their own mistakes but we should be teaching them from the start how to think.
Not what to think.

After thinking about this I went into the living room where D1 and her boyfriend were sitting and I told her point blank she was rude.
She hurt my mother’s feelings without even taking a moment to think what she was doing.
Two people who took her in for nothing in return and make sure she is always fed at their expense.
She said she was sorry but I told her she was saying it to the wrong person and walked away.

Today my mother said that D1 knocked on their bedroom door around midnight and apologized to her and if it makes her feel better she could beat her.
My mother told her she was to tired, maybe in the morning.

Have a nice day



Monogram Queen said...

Awwww your poor Mother, I know that was crushing for her. My Grandmother was the same way, she would rather take a fork in the eye than have someone think her house was dirty.

and the rest.... agreed agreed AGREED

BlazngScarlet said...

Um, so you're Mother was 'buggin' eh?!


I know, terrible pun.
I couldn't resist.

I happen to agree though.
Computers, IM, texting, Facebook, etc have KILLED basic social skills.

Just telling it like it is said...

It's going to be okay trust me would I just flash antbody

Boxer said...

At least she eventually came around and apologized. And I hope your Mother had some extra energy in the morning to take her up on her offer.

Peter said...

Another Greek Philosopher, ever if this one is Canadian!!!!

Tamara said...

And I thought I had MY hands full..
Your Mom really deserved an apology,as it sounds like she does alot for the girls,and got her feelings hurt over the bug thing.I would have too.
But these days teens are so different than when we were their age.We had to ALWAYS say "yes ma' ma'am" and "yes sir,no sir"...but I heard a kiddo the other day in a restaraunt yelling "NO! NO! NO,I'M NOT EATING THAT!!!" at his (looked like) his grandparents.Don't you know my grandma would have slapped my head off right there in the
NOW there is no such thing as slapping your kids,you'll go to jail for that around here.
Not to say D1 needs to be sayin'

Tamara said...

What the...? How did that post twice?

Michael Manning said...

My European parents doled out justice wherever we were. There was no "time out" back then. Just "Whop!" and it was fast and painful. This brought back memories, but the electric guitar played through the fuzz box helped with some humor! :D

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yep, my mother dished out the punishment, my father was only interested in the horses and his music. Believe me, we didn't put a foot out of place and always had to think of others. It was called good manners...something a lot of kids have no idea about. It's a shame, but for a few, this generation isn't anything to write home about.

Damn good post, Walker.

Walker said...

Monogram Queen: My mother takes pride in keeping her house clean.
To have someone say otherwise is a tough pill to swallow when you know its clean

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: Kids have to learn to communicate face to face and feel what their words do to others

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is : Yes you would. You just love to show the girls luscious curves

Walker said...

Boxer: Yes she did but she didn't do it on her own.
She didn't see why she had to apologize.

Walker said...

Peter: Philosopher maybe not but i have been called other things LOL

Walker said...

Tamara : We all have our hands full.
It just didn't shit that we are stuck trying to deal with

Walker said...

Tamara : I have no idea what you are talking about :P

Walker said...

Anonymous : My Russian a little off

Walker said...

Michael Manning : Oh I learned to dance around better than Mohamed Ali

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: THanks
My father dished it out my mother just listed the things i needed a whipping for LOL