blue moon (2)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Falling Apart ©

Oh my aching body.
I knew I was getting old but the falling part thing I could have done without.
For the last month and a half I have either been laid up or hobbling around in an odd chicken dance manner.
The doctor said it was severe arthritis in the knee I had shattered as a kid.
Fuck I was begging him to cut it off; he stuck his finger up my ass instead.
Didn’t help my knee one bit and he use so much freakin lube every time I farted my ass fired off like a paint gun.

He gave me this medication the helps fix the problem somewhat but leaves a hole in my stomach which I can fix with medication that makes my knee hurt….”sigh”
I didn’t want pain killers, I never do.
I want the problem solved.
If I want drugs I got a drawer full and better drugs.

If I knew breaking all these bones as a kid was going to fucken hurt this much at my age today I would have worn a little extra body armor back then instead of just a t-Shirt.
My fucken joints, specifically knee and hips because I have broken both are so loose, I woggle where others wiggle.

Inia doesn’t think I’m getting old because I fuck her like a machine.
Ha, if that were only true.
Sure I fuck her for hours but the truth is, the hips joints are so fucken gone and all the cartilage is so worn out it’s practically non existent so there are no breaks to stop with any more.
Thus when I start I can’t stop and keep going and going and going.
I want to stop but the breaks are gone.

Waving around for Inia to stop doesn’t help because she thinks I got this cowboy thing happening with the arm waving and giddy it ups a little more.
Me….me I’m gasping for air just before she bucks me onto the floor.

As I lay there wheezing for air, Inia interpreted that as, "sit on my face" which she did.
I now know why French men have long noses.
So they could breath when a woman is sitting on their face.
I’m not French.

I was getting a facial scrub with a very eager pussy and she knew I was loving it from watching my legs and arms as they were thrashing around.
Why is it you can breathe in and burp out with your mouth and you can only fart out with your ass.
Someone fucked up at the drawing board.
So yeah, loose joints can be dangerous and could lead to respiratory failure.

The doctor said take two pills a day for two weeks and stay in bed so off I went.
To the pharmacy and home to bed.
Rest and relax he said.
Next day I was hobbling to another doctor with my father and later that night I managed to tear all the muscles in my lower back.
Yeah falling apart.

I am on a deadline here and have to get things done.
Being the only one who does anything here I started moving furniture around then decided to pick up the bar top video game.
Bad mistake.
I felt the knee bucking first then the back tried to compensate but I have fucked that up so many times without letting it heal properly it couldn’t hold it.
I could feel the muscles ripping apart and slowly lowered myself to the ground and lay across the machine on the floor.
That’s when the doorbell went off.

“FUCK OFF”!!!!!!!!!

I just lay there for a bit trying to get Frick to call 911.
He bit my face instead.
Little bastard.
I’m getting a gay cat just to fuck him up the ass.

Somehow I crawled to the couch and that’s where D2 found me when she came him with her bf whom I cad move the game to where I was taking it before I messed up my back.
I lay there for a few hours talking to Inia on the phone before deciding to make my way to bed.
On the way to the stairs I opened the door and look at Betty.
She looked down, deflated.

Grabbing her I threw her on the computer chair trying to think of what to do but…..i could tell time was running out fast.
I hobbled to the basement and tossed everything around looking for something I could use but there was nothing to me found.
Using a broken hockey stick I made my way back up the stairs where I found Betty slumped over.
That was it……….
Betty’s gone.

Some of you may remember Betty from better times.



There was only so much duct tape could do damn it.
Rest in pieces Betty.


Coming to a neighborhood near you

The Betty

So with Betty now gone off to swallow on new horizons I am left with a void to fill.
Or should I say, needing a void to fill.
I could go back to order another Betty for $750 or I can try something different.
I mean there has to be something else.
Another style.

So I went on a search to find a replacement and I was swamped with the first search.
I mean there were selling blow up dolls by the dozen but they all had this stupid look on their face.
You know, like when the doctor sticks his hand up your ass and makes you burp.

About an hour into my search, I found her.
I mean the second I saw her, my Hellenic heritage peeked and I said “that’s her”.
I mean just looking at her you would think, she belongs to some Greek.
Plus me being Canadian, I know a nice beaver tail when I see one “wink”.
I mean she’s perfect don’t you think?

Pretty face and she looks good from both sides

Butt mostly this side is my favorite
I love ponytails.

Might take me a month to inflate it though.
The clit would be where the valve is for you to wrap your lips around and blow.

I guess if you over fill her, she'll blow out the exhaust……

Now if they were smart they’d put a pump in her pussy so you can have fun while filling her up.
Hmmmm, kinda big to hide in the closet or under the bed.
I guess I can throw a blanket over it and tell everyone it’s one of those toy ponies they sell at Wal Mart.
I wonder if they sell it at Wal Mart, they sell everything else for less.

So how much does this Grecian dream sell for?
Hmmm hmmm hmmmm
Holy crap
Blink blink blink

$3500 and she’s only 3 feet tall?
Hell I could get a sheep for 50 that’s taller

I miss Betty………

Have a nice Day



Boxer said...


I've missed you.

Sorry about your knee.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Can I suggest you get yourself a "doll" who's a nurse, physical therapist and a masseuse in sounds just what you!

BlazngScarlet said...

A finger up the ass for your arthritis eh?
Poor Betty ... I remember what you did to her.
No wonder Inia's riding you like secretariat .... she wants to tire you out before you blow out her nipple too!


Just telling it like it is said...

Wow that ummm bagina looking horse magignal thing looks really realistic I think....
flashing you my nipple

poet said...

hey walker. long time no read. hope all is well, sorry about your knee. take care. shall return. miss my blggy buds

Tom Bailey said...

I just thought... where did you get pictures like this? The gay cat joke was VERY funny.

Rain said...


You are such a treasure ;)


BikerCandy said...


Teresa said...

I tore my ACL a year and a half ago and I now have a preview of what it is going to feel like in a couple of years. Great.
Hope yours is feeling better.

Peter said...

I've been holding off commenting thinking you would post again soon... seems you're not gonna so.there's my comment.