blue moon (2)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Toilet Trash ©

You know, as we get older and the body starts slowing down you tend to think a little more than you are used too.
Before when we were young and full of zip we rushed around all over the place doing so much stuff I get tired thinking about it now.
Now even though I do a lot of daily work, mine and everybody else’s I find a little time, usually while sitting on the toilet, I reflect on certain aspects of life and have come to the conclusion that TIME is the enemy.
I don’t mean Time itself but the measuring of time.

Everything we do, time plays a factor in.
From the second you open you eyes, actually even from before if you set the alarm clock, the measuring of time controls your life.
You plan your day around the clock.
Those two arms are the little legs traipsing around in your mind telling you where you have to be or what you have to do next.
The digits counting down reminding you that time is running out so get ready to run to the next part of your life.

We measure time with seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks months, years, decades, centuries, millennia……
We have become so obsessed with measuring time we have forgotten how to live.

You know, once upon a time, time didn’t matter.
People used to just live life as they wished.
Did things when they wanted to and there was no rush to be anywhere.
Unless of course there was some hungry beast out looking for a snack and you’re it.

Over countless millennia we have slowly started selling off our time, to by comforts we didn’t have before but in order to do that we have had to learn to measure time.
Over the ages man learned to do just that and has been perfecting it still.
What they have also been perfecting is selling the blocks of time.

How many of you have agenda’s?
I used to have one, no more.
Fuck that, if it isn’t important to remember then I don’t need to and if it is I can scribble it on the calendar instead of carrying a two-pound lump all day.
The worse part is when you loose it.
Oh yeah, you rely on that fucken tombstone so much you have stopped thinking.
You just write everything down in the fucker and erase it from your mind because you look every day in your agenda to see what’s up the next day.
Then you loose it and you’re fucken lost.
I mean there is shit in that fucker you wrote in six months ago and no matter how hard you try you can’t remember shit because you relied on that damn book so much you didn’t need to remember.
Hell, it reminded you when your birthday was.
I bet without an agenda you wouldn’t forgotten you were supposed to pick up your parents at the airport and took off for a week because you would remembered but loose the agenda and I hope the airport has comfy seats.

Imagine if we didn’t measure time.
No one would have an age
You were either an adult or kid
No deadlines
No rush to be someplace at a certain time
It was either day or night
There would be no seasons just another cycle around the sun
Instinctively we would know what we needed to do to survive and do it.


D2 used up all the toilet paper again.
Damn kids
Yeah I think a lot on the toilet.
Hmm, Easy Rider May 1982, oh well

Have a nice day



Susan said...

Maybe you need to jot down on the calendar to pick up toilet paper!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

If you bend over I can take care of that... or flash you my boobs

Just telling it like it is said...

medically speaking of coarse

BlazngScarlet said...

Too much time on your hands and not enough TP to clean it up eh?

Life .... she IS a funny, funny bitch is she not?!

Walker said...

Susan: I can't I already use the calendar for toilet paper :S

Walker said...

Just telling it like it is: No no, see i am the Greek so you can bend over and flash me your boobs.
I have no idea how that would solve my toilet paper problems but I'm in favor in advancing Medical science :D

Walker said...

BlazngScarlet: Not enough time and NO toilet paper.
Life is funny but the joke is on me lol

Luka said...

This is the problem with our paperless society. If we still had magazines and newspapers instead of blogs you'd always have something to hang in the outhouse!

Peter said...

Retirement (and advancing senility) solved most of my problems with time Walker, I need to know when its Sunday but only because the shops are not open here in rural Gympie on Sundays if I need to get more toilet paper.
Tuesday is cheap video day, Friday is the best day for fish and chips, the kids usually ring on weekends, and my life doesn't change very much if I forget these days anyway.

Boxer said...

I spent five minutes reading this post and it was time well spent. ;-)

Monogram Queen said...

Thanks for reminding me I need toilet paper at home!!!
I have never used a DayPlanner but I do use my Calender - alot! I know - so oldschool!!!

BikerCandy said...

I think I maybe have that same magazine...just tear out a few of the pages (of course not the ones with the busty beauties straddling a fat Hog) and use it for TP.

Tamara said...

I havent read your post yet(sorry)..but I think I'm losing what little brains are left.nevermind...deleting this