blue moon (2)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On The Border ©

I’m getting to old for this vacation shit.
I mean it’s bad enough you got to pack but then you got to run roadblocks while being chased by heavily armed border guards.
Being threatened by a short stumpy blond with a horse size dildo strapped to her leg and a gun on the other side to keep her saggy boobs balanced.
I think she hated me because I didn’t offer her a jellybean.

If that’s not enough, later I get this 20 year old black woman come up to me all smiles with her sperm stained teeth and her perky little tits popping out of the sides, rubs my belly then tells me she could blow my mind for a twenty.
I told her I just finished getting laid 36 times in six days for a hand full of jellybeans from Sugar Mountain, ok they did cost me $33 but oh so worth it.
It would have been more because I still had half a bag of jellybeans left but the border cops got me first, bastards.
There is a bigger story here that I will get into later.

So, this means I had to cut my vacation short and I am back home with all that goes with it.
As soon as I kissed Inia goodbye and set her on her way I turned around and surveyed the line of people waiting.

I have a lot to say about my little vacation and I have a few pictures I could share but right now I am helping a friend with the death of his father and I have a wedding to go to this Saturday.
Add to that my BBQ that I have to plan for the fifteenth of August.
Life doesn’t slow down for the wicked I guess and trust me, I can be wicked.

I hope life has been smiling down on all of you while I have been off getting myself fucked silly.

Have a nice day



Just telling it like it is said...

I love vacations especially when there are topless women everywhere...

Just telling it like it is said...

or maybe that is just me topless...

Boxer said...

welcome home.

not bad for a guy your age.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Welcome back Walker. It sounds as if you got back in one piece...just. I wait to hear more...

Kay said...

Vacations just aren't what they once were,huh, back in the young days.... ;) You're always enteratining and 'realistic' mantra is refreshing

BikerCandy said...

Half a handful of jelly beans for 36 lays huh? Pretty good bargain I would say.

BlazngScarlet said...

36 times of being fucked silly WAS the vacation?
Lucky girl.