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Friday, July 17, 2009

Land Of The Free? ©

This evening I sit here morning the death of a dream.
It’s a dream that we all hold, a dream we grow to cherish.
This week I saw with my own eyes it’s life slowly withering from its once proud beginnings to what it is becoming.

As a kid I used to sit back and watch American TV with all its different shows and movies.
I have watched thousands of hours of documentaries about its humble beginnings to its rise as a super power on the planet all in the name of freedom.

From the time the pilgrims first immigrated to North America to the millions of others who followed over the centuries to this day it was for one thing and that was to be free, to live free, feel free inside.
I have read, watched and listened about the battles fought and waged over time to achieve this freedom.
The blood spilt for a breath of free air and in some ways I was proud to see someone fighting for a right cause and not for some one individual selfish wants but for everyone.
But what is the price of freedom?

As I sit back and remember all the westerns I watched or read over the years and how life was free to live if you took the chance.
I watched the struggle to carve out a life where there was none before and the battle to hold onto it after.
I wonder what went wrong.

It started with the Indian, the Indian who lived off the land and rode free until the white man armed with his progress looking to have their own freedom at their expense beat them to their knees until they became but a relic to be displayed on reservations, zoos, as the vanquished link to the past.

I look at how things have slowly evolved over the years since then and travel back in time to understand where freedom began to erode from the concept of the land of the free, the land of milk and honey.
When did free become owned?
Was that the weapon that pushed the Indian to near extinction?
They never had a concept of owning land, just living off of it.

I have watched in recent years as rules and regulations have slowly choked what it means to be free to not only immigrants to the United States but also slowly being introduced to its own people.
With every new rule being imposed, another lock gets bolted to the front door not only locking people out but also people in.
I wonder, have the American people now become the Indian and are being pushed into extinction by the corporate machine and fear.

With the events over the last few years I can understand how certain measures need to be set in place to protect the citizens of the land as well as any visitors that might be able to enter the United States.
But, how much is enough and how much is too much?

This week I had the pleasure of learning a few things about the outside world and specifically our neighbor to the south.
I learned that they are slowly becoming what they hate without even knowing it.
They are slowly selling off what the foundation of the United States was built on and that’s a place where someone can go to too be free, a haven from oppression.

During the civil war immigrants stepped off of the ships and marched off to fight and die on fields they had never heard of before all in the name of freedom.

I sit back and think of Pearl Harbor and what that brought about but even after that and at the cost of millions of American lives the United States stayed loyal to it’s foundation in being the land of and for the free, holding it’s doors open.

It was the poster child for freedom, born out of rebellion, from oppression to emerge stronger and more determined to keep that right to be free but over the years paranoia has set in at the price of freedom.

I remember how hard it was to get into the USSR and how the western world pointed at the communists with a scathing tongue until one day the wall came tumbling down into a heap.
We all cheered as the people pushed it to the ground, some carting off a piece for a souvenir of what it was like to be scared to think or speak your mind.
We cheered and Yeltsin locked himself in a building in defiance until communism was no more in a country that faded into memory now but its people have choices they never had before.

As I look at what is happening to my neighbor to the south I wonder if they just didn’t move the Berlin wall down there instead of burying it in some deep ditch.
A handful of people have turned a free world into prison and with every bar put up on the cage, a little more sun light is kept out until one day there will be nothing left but darkness to look at.

The other day I took a chance, a chance I knew the ending of before I headed off but I have never been one to sit for to long before going out then poking at something with a stick and yes, sometimes you get bit.
I had my cheering squad and get away driver Inia with me armed with a new purple bra and ready for action.

We drove to the border and stopped at a booth where a man asked for our passports, which we freely handed over.
Inia was pushing as much cleavage out of the window as she could.
We were told that we were “randomly” being pulled over and to park on the side and go into the office to be greeted by those waiting for us there.
We took a seat on one of the park benches they must have stole from the Canadian side seeing as they looked vaguely familiar to the ones on the Canadian side.

We sat there for about ten minutes before my name was called out and we went to the counter where I first met Ms Bitch from god knows what hole she crawled out of that morning.
She wore a scowl on her face that must have been there for so long that she was slowly starting to resemble a pug.

Like I said, before I even headed off to the border I knew I wasn’t going to get through but I wanted to make sure first hand and maybe find out what I needed to do to rectify that.
On the other hand, if I did then, cool.

From the moment I spoke to that border guard she gave me attitude and was trying to provoke me.
Inia said it was probably because she could still smell her pussy off my lips.
What can I say; if your going to cross a border into a foreign country you might as well do it right, just make sure the car has airbags.

She asked me if I had a criminal record and I said yes and I told her what was on it and she raised her eye brow and she circled one and said you are not getting in because of this.
I smiled back and said, “Cool”.
She gave me a dirty look then said to me, “Tell her to go sit down”.

WTF, what does she mean by that?
Inia was standing right in front of her.
Just tell her to her face.
I knew Inia wanted to pop her in the head right there but she just turned and sat down.
For the record Inia carries and American passport.

She brought out some forms and said I was to be finger printed and have a picture taken of me for their records and then sent back.
I smiled back and said, “Cool”.
It seemed to piss her off more.

The she says they are going to search the vehicle and wanted to know if there were any weapons or explosives in the car.
I wonder, does anyone actually say yes to that question?
I said no.
Then she asked me if there was anything in the vehicle than might harm her.
I looked down at her fat ass and said, “Yeah, there is a bag of jellybeans in my backpack”.

Then she ordered me to go sit down next to Inia until I was called.

As we sat there this mountain of a man called my name and he took me to the back to finger print me and take my picture.
It was night and day compared to the witch from hell.
In fact he took time to show me how to arrange to get into the country and where to go.
He asked me how long it had been since I was busted and I told him over 20 years maybe 24.

He then gave me some forms to fill in and to mail to homeland security with a fat check and maybe I will be allowed to visit but for now it wasn’t going to happen.

See, now how hard was that?
Nice and pleasant instead of I have cactus up my ass and want to bite your head off like Ms Bitch.

Four hours after we left my place for the border we were back home rolling between the sheets chewing on jellybeans and anything else we could chew on.

As for what needs to get done for me to visit the states, the wheels have already started turning and it’s all in motion, I don’t give up that easy.
We shall see how that goes down the road.

It’s really to bad that events have led us all to live in a world of fear instead of a world of freedom.
The milk is going sour and the honey bittersweet.
Maybe one day the apple pie won’t be as tart as it is now.

On her way back to the States a few days later, Inia’s car was torn apart at the border crossing by the same guards.
My brother’s comment was, “You can kill someone in the States and come for a holiday in Canada but smoke a joint in Canada and you might get shot trying to cross over to the States”.

Peace and Live Free, even in America.

These are just my opinions

Have a nice weekend



Megan said...

I'm trying to think of something witty and intelligent and socially aware and pithy and cogent. With supporting historical facts and precedents and such. With references to the Boomers and their fears of approaching senility and death and the Establishment and their fears of a truly blended society, and so forth.

But this post made me too sad.

For shits and giggles, maybe I'll take a drive sometime soon and try to enter (and then exit) Mexico. I'll let you know what happens...

Puss-in-Boots said...

I think the US is paranoid after 09/11. Can't say I blame them, but paranoid of Canadians? Still, I guess even a Canadian could be a people smuggler, drug dealer or terrorist. But, as you say, Walker, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. Maybe Ms Bitch didn't get any the night before and could tell that you had... Or maybe she liked your body and wanted some but you weren't forthcoming...stop throwing up!

Kay said...

I truly think they just stop's been....10 years now since I crossed the candian border by car, and even then they stopped me (american with american friend-this going into Canada) totally tore my car apart and searched both me and my friend, even pulling me into a trailer and wanting to make sure I didn't have anything "stached" in those little places people can find....

It was horrible. Haunts me to this day....and guess what? there was nothing to be found....

Good luck in your ventures to come to America! :) But, truly, if it's not so free and good, what's the point? :)))

Walker said...

Megan: If you drink the water in Mexico with a bottle of tequila I am sure you will be happy and filled with the giggles and not to worry about the shits.
The water will fix that ;)

Walker said...

Puss-in-Boots: I would have said she got out of bed on the wrong side but from her attitude it was more off on the wrong side of the continent.
THe male border guard was pleasant and have nothing to say other than he was a welcoming voice on the border compared to the bitch from hell but to toss Inia's van because i had been in it a couple of days earlier is not security its harassment and blatant infrigment of someone civil rights.

Walker said...

Kay: THey more than just astopped her on the way back.
They went through everything.
I intend to pay for the waiver and wait the year to see if they give it to me for many reasopns.
I am one of those who believes the world is here for everyone not for a select few who want to control as much of it as possible.
I dream of the day when there are no more borders.
Besides I don't like being told where i can go or where I can't.
I also have hundreds of friends and relatives living below the 60th parallel.

Fire Byrd said...

Oh yes I've met her.... trying to get into the US from the UK is absolute torture. The questions asked, the attitude, the general I'm from here so fuck you behaviour displayed at passport control is just vile.
And I don't even have pussy breath when I get there!!!!

BlazngScarlet said...

I KNOW that Canada is on a mission to take over the Dysfunctional States, and I know HOW they plan on doing it to .... Tim Hortons.
Oh yes, that purveyor of such tasty treats like Tim Bits has moved into NYC.
Ground Zero.
You Canadians and your damn ass widening pastries!


Seriously now, our borders have become their own little communist state where the guards and Homeland Security think they are above it all.
It saddens me that you & Inia had such a horrific experience.
I remember the days (not all that long ago I might add) when crossing the border was met with friendliness.
I realize the world is not the same as it was "back then", but in all reality, the same issues WERE present.
You can thank Bush for the widespread hysteria and trying to maintain control through fear.

Walker said...

Fire Byrd : Yeah but what about the fingers ;)

Like I said I understand the security but there is to much of something.

Everything they need is what you give them but they want to delve where they have no real business being or have any relevance to your entry there.

Its becoming more and more of a free world that it was when we inherited it

Walker said...

Blazng Scarlet: Maybe if we give the border guards free Ice Caps they could chill a little.

Yes I know Tim Horton's is invading at a corner hear you and we want it in American dollars until the Canadian one is worth more of course. HA HA HA

itisi said...

Okay, I have read this twice on two different days, slept on it and know that I need to say this.

You have a lot of balls, Walker.
That's just my opinion.

My country was attacked by the very people they let in and educated.
They destroyed not only families and buildings, but our very sense of a secure homeland.
It was a wakeup call for all Americans.
You can sit there in Canada and say what you want, but it doesn't mean squat until your country is attacked and destroyed.

Trust me, you do not even begin to know the outrage you feel until it happens in your homeland.
All the news articles, films, and interviews with people you saw from 9/11--all the feelings you may have felt for us--doesn't even begin to describe what we felt that day.

Our Homeland Security may have a lot of ways to improve, but let me tell you this, it is what we do to help protect our own.

Now I have only flown about three times in my life. Once after 9/11.
I have no criminal record of any kind.
But I got hauled off to the side and searched and all my bags were searched, including all the contents of my purse, in front all the rest of the passengers that were boarding the plane.
Because I had a lighter. And I was only going to California for a wedding.

Did I care? Hell no! If this it what it takes to protect me and mine, I could care less!

I am sorry you didn't get into the States. I really am.
But can you blame them? Really?

I am also sorry they tore apart Ms. Skirts car. But you both had to know this would happen.

I mean think about it.
Really think about it.

Walker said...

I always think.
When you surrender to your fears you close your eyes to human rights and the right to be respected then you stop respecting your neighbors and become the same as those you say you hate.
What’s next; invade your neighbor because you can?
Not that it hasn’t been tried before or thought of since.

Drive into Canada and see how they treat you coming into here then drive back and have a border guard rape your rights and freedoms as a human being.
I knew I wasn’t getting in but I couldn’t believe an American having her rights abused like that and have her belonging thrown around without any respect to her belongings and when they were done and without apology told to beat it while she tried to put her clothes and belongings back in their suitcase.
How would you feel having a stranger come into your house and rummage through your underwear then toss them on the floor.

What the Japanese did was a lot worse than 9/11 and lets not forget Oklahoma City Bombing, which was just as horrific and done by one of your own.
The people who do these things are not limited to people from other countries but are home grown as well.

The authorities knew an attack was on its way but hummed and haed until it happened so that they could use a tragedy so they could milk it for what they wanted to get, as Bush achieved with little or no regret to the souls that were taken.
When the towers came down they didn’t only take American lives.
People from 26 nations perished in that attack, Canadians among them.
The people that put together those attacks were at one time friends of the United States who funded them to kill their enemies at that time.
In essence you inadvertently gave them the tools to pull off 9/11.

No, there is no reason to treat people the way they are being treated when they visit you.
Check them, search them and deal with what you find honestly not anally.
The United States is becoming a totalitarian State and communism is just around the corner.

You cherish your rights but what about ours and the rights of those around the world who did not attack the United States or we don’t we deserve respect and rights?

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Benjamin Franklin

itisi said...

I understand what you are saying, I just don't agree with all of it.
They tore apart your friend's car a few days later because they know she had been with you a few days earlier trying to cross the border.
So if neither one of you didn't expect that, I am sorry.
You both should have known that would happen.
After all, weren't you both trying to cross the border into the same state you committed a crime in 20 or so years ago?
I can't say as I blame them there.

For what it is worth, I hope you can visit The States someday.
But if you really think we are becoming a totalitariun state nor is communism right around the corner!
If you feel that way, why bother coming at all?
Or is it just a challenge for you?

Walker said...

I have never been arrested in another country or committed a crime in the States but a week ago I was mugged and finger printed at the border.
Does that count?
They didn't mind me when i was in Hawaii a few years ago.
Maybe the Polynesians like me.

Life is always a challenge but as everyone before us who believed in freedom knew if we sit back and let others do what they want without resistance then we only have ourselves to blame for locking ourselves in a jail cell.

The United States over the years has entered or interfered in the politics at policies of other countries in the name of freedom and to free its people from tyranny.

I ask you this question, if you feel that way about letting people into your country why do you interfer in other peoples business?

I have an idea why and I will tell you after you answer and it's not the BS crap people say today. It's what I THINK.

BikerCandy said...

Wow, Walker I am truly sorry for the horrible experience you encountered. I don't agree with bad behavior and I certainly don't think anyone deserves to be treated like a criminal when they have done nothing to warrant such behavior. I understand what itisi is saying but we can't live in fear and treat people with disdain because of that fear. 9/11 was a wakeup call. A wake-up to be alert, to be aware, and most of all to be glad of our freedoms. This is still the land of the free and I will believe that until the day I die.

Anonymous said...

My government sticks its nose into other countries business all the time.
And many times it is the at the cost of our young peoples' lives.
Vietnam was a perfect example.
All I am saying is that anyone with a criminal record that is trying to cross the border more than likely will be treated the way you were. 9/11 or not.
And anyone that was with the person that was trying to cross the border may also be treated the way your friend was.
I am not saying I agree.
I am just saying neither one of you should have been surprised.

I still believe I live in the land of the free and home of the brave and you won't convince me otherwise.
I cannot seem to get signed in here so I will try anonymous but you know itisi.